John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Days....drifting by, holding on, loving them all!

Ellie memorizing scripture....Gal. 6:9

Surprise snack after with cake and sprinkles! She said, "Are you kidding me!?" Ha! I take pics to prove that I do occasionally do CRAZY things as such for my kiddos!

Summer morning pancakes...the real kind~

Dressed themselves....ALL BY THEMSELVES! 


No, it is not Halloween...just a normal summer morning with my two super heroes and  princess Jenna!

best comment...from JD, "I yike the M cause it is for Mommy!".....melts my heart~

Creating painted vase from Pinterest!

Ball park suckers are THE BEST....



Claire's sweet All Star team..

Ellie and her buddy Kate....they have the best time together. Sweet friends from BIRTH!

More ball park days...Trussville Tournament

Claire and her best friend Leah

Just chillin...James Daniel

John David

That's my girl!

Ellie hanging out with Mrs. Shelly....


Dinner date with my love!

Jenna hanging out at home with Mommy (while I was recovering from pneumonia) and she was playing Ipad games, wearing her cheetah pj pants just like mine.

Gas station treat night...for earning all their stars for the week!

Mommy still sick and Jenna giving me lots of sweet love.

Ellie's gas station night.....So funny how  a trip to the gas station encourages them to behave their best, earning stars for exceptional behavior.

Boys and Mommy enjoyed a movie day while the girls were are VBS...they LOVED it!

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