John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, July 9, 2009

James and John David pay a visit to the NICU!

The boys got a chance to visit the NICU this week. I had an appointment at Brookwood so we decided to swing by on our way out. It was awesome to take them back to see the amazing nurses and doctors in the NICU that took such wonderful care of them. I must say, it was a very emotional visit for me. I haven't been back to the NICU since we departed from there back in January. To walk down the halls and enter the NICU just about took my breath away. Of course I cried! As I opened that door and saw the bright lights, beeping noises and even the sterile smell, I saw myself crumbled to pieces aside the issolette beds that James and John David lived in for 49 days. I vividly remembered all the heartache that I walked in and walked out with on a daily basis. I could easily feel the nervous stomach I had endured so much for those 49 days. And of course I saw several Mommies and Daddies aside their baby's issolettes, with "that look" is the look of disbelief and agonizing worry. It is a specific look that all who have been a part of a "NICU experience" know all to well.

It was great to visit with our nurses and doctors that took care of the boys. They mean so much to us and we will forever remember them and appreciate them for all they did for James and John David.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I see some familar faces!!!! I know the emotional feeling you are talking about. I remember it well. What a blessing NICU is and all the nurses and doctors are!

Catie said...

Obviously my NICU experience is still a little bit fresher on my mind, but just reading about the bright lights and beeping sounds brought tears to my eyes. I am SO THANKFUL to be home with both my boys now! Thank you for all of your encouragement through this trying time! I'm glad you got to visit though and remember all the care that the Lord provided your boys through the doctors and nurses there.