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Monday, July 13, 2009

Look at these BIG BOYS...7 months old!

SO here are my SEVEN MONTH old baby boys. It just doesn't seem like they should be 7 months old. They are changing daily it seems. Once upon a time ago they SLEPT all day...well now they are in a new phase of development and they like to be AWAKE and ENTERTAINED most of the day. I am so thrilled that they both sleep really well at night. They have been sleeping from 9pm to 7:30am for a while now. Nap time varies but mostly mid-morning seems to be there best nap. A typical day for us now is way easier than it was three months ago. I am not discounting the business of my days by any means..oh no, I am just stating that moments of my days are becoming easier now that the boys are getting bigger. However, I can only imagine the curve ball that is heading my way once they become toddlers. I try to take one day at a time and not wish away the stages and phases all of my children are in right now. I am sure many of you can relate if you are a mom of little ones. Some days I wonder why bother with sweeping the crumbs off the floor, you know they'll be back to crumb it up even more the moment you do sweep it up. Some days I wish I could go to "time out" and wouldn't it be nice to "go to your bed"... Last week as we were leaving the YMCA (we don't miss a day by the way) the girls were constantly at each other, fussing, whining, crying, you know...just the typical emotionally meltdown of a GIRL!! And I actually made them all stop in the parking lot before getting into the van to say a prayer. Probably more for me than for them but you get the idea..We need Jesus all through our day...I do and they do. Once we said Amen, they all seemed to be in better spirits. I realize that I am the decisive element that will make or break our day. I am the breath of air that keeps us afloat. However, I do look forward to the days ahead when we can leave without snacks, potty break, baby dolls, stuffed puppy dogs, diapers, meltdowns, whining, and crying...but for now, I try to savor the sweetness of each day with them all. My heart is overjoyed to have these babies to love and nurture. I thank God for choosing me to be their mom. I ask God daily to strengthen me and help me. I wouldn't make it through my days without Him. I couldn't survive one moment of the days I endure without knowing that HE is in control of my life. It is hard to not fall into a frenzy with all that I have going on each day, so I try my hardest to stay focused on HIM and call out to HIM in the moments in which I think I am going to CRASH!

We are approaching the 1 year mark when we found out we were having twins. This time last year I was heading to the doctor have a BABY AGAIN...and of course like most things in life, looking back on it now, it is funny to think of the day "we found out"...The freshness of those memories will never fade for me. I will never forget the moment I saw two beating hearts on the ultrasound screen. And then when the technician told me they were identical, I wept even harder. I think God had prepared me for the road ahead at that point because I had this inner feeling of being "chosen", especially when the technician said, "This is just one of those flukes in life." I boldly told her that 'this' was no fluke, but instead that it was the DIVINE HAND OF GOD!!!!

Lastly, I wanted to remind you all to keep Ian Ellis in you daily prayers. As of yesterday, he was having a pretty good day visiting with much of his family, still at this point they are waiting for "it" to happen or a miracle to happen. The Pate family prays every single night for "God to give Ian a miracle"....we truly believe in them. Psalm 66:5 "Come see what awesome miracles God performs for His people" We know in our hearts that God gave us a miracle with our baby boys.


Tricia said...

What a great post... I definitely need Jesus to make it through my days, and I too have had to take those prayer stops... thanks for the encouraging words!

I can not believe your boys are 7 months old! It seems like you just had them...


Michael said...

How is your tail bone? Is it ok or is it impacting your every move, every day. I hope it is fine. I cannot imagin doing all you do in a given day with discomfort or without being 100%.

Mika said...

Love you girl. You are very encouraging. I forgot to tell you how awesome your homemade Italian supper was! Matt said, "man, this must be how crack head feel about drugs, i cant get enough of this food!" So, it's official, if you ever need a second job, (LOL) you can cook at our house! The boys are identical, and a "clone" of you! They look just like mommy, afterall, you did majority of the hard work! Cant wait to see you again, maybe you bring the gang in for a visit next time. I will continue to pray for your strength, and continue endurance. You are such a blessing to many!

Keri said...

Dana--just wanted to let you know that your boys are precious...and your girls are too! Amy (Dean) told me about your blog before you had the boys and I have been following it since. I am adding your blog link to my blog so others can read your story about your miracle babies! Hope to run into you someday so I can see your cute kiddos!!