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Thursday, July 2, 2009

And the broken tail bone goes to....


So I am pretty sure I have fractured my tail bone. This wouldn't be my first experience in cracking the buttocks though...back in my cheering days in highschool, I was dropped from a full extenstion (two girls holding me high into the air above their heads) and landed on my rump on the gymnasium floor. This time however, cheering was not involved. No, just my own ignorance. It was approximately 4am this morning and I had traveled up and down my stairs to and from JENNA PATE'S room to assure her that there weren't any tigers, puppy dogs, kitty cats, or spiders in her room. We had been through two rounds of screaming crying and threatening her before I finally said to myself, "I am going to sit right her on this top step until she calms herself down and drifts back to sleep." Well, I wasn't on the top step, I was a few steps down so as I plopped down (okay I admit it, I more like threw myself down having a teensy bit of a fit!) on the step, I landed directly on my booty bone and it sent fire through my entire rearend! I didn't think much about it (probably because I was so beyond exhaustion) so I went to bed and woke up unable to really move much. Throughout the day, my symptoms worsened to the point that driving the van was painful. By supper time I was in pure agony. Bending over, lifting anything heavier than a pound, walking up and down stairs, carrying babies, sitting in an upright position really feels like crap!!! I assume I have fractured my hiney, maybe it will just be badly bruised. I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow if I don't feel any better. However, I know the prognosis of a broken butt...REST and RELAXATION....HAHAHAHAHAH! Laught with me..HAHAHAHAH, go ahead, it is pretty funny that I, Dana Pate, in my own moment of a meltdown, did this to myself and the safe way to heal is to rest...which is not even an option for me. In case you haven't noticed I AM RIDICULOUSLY BUSY WITH FIVE CHILDREN EVERYDAY ALL DAY...!!!!

Recent pictures from our summer time play days.

Ellie getting her toes done for "Ellie Day"...she LOVED it, and of course she chose bright purple nail polish...bold and beautiful just like Ellie!

James hanging out at the pool...

Swimming with some great friends. Frank, Grace, Henry Studinka and Austin Dudley. Elizabeth Studinka and Carla Dudley are teaching friends from Oak Mountain and we had a fabulous time swimming togehter. And of course enjoyed the peace and tranquility that comes with taking 8 children under the age of 6 to the pool...hahaha!

Picnic lunch with the Studinkas and Dudleys!

Here are some more pictures from this past week of summer time play!

Claire and John David snuggling in my bed watching morning T.V.!

The boys hanging out in their stroller at Aunt Jill's house. It was incredibly hot that day, but they didn't seem bothered by it at all. The girls swam in Aunt Jill's waterslide play inflatable and the boys slept most of the day away!

Claire and Kate Mullinax (Aunt Jill's daughter) playing in the water. The kids had such a blast.

Jenna had a very special day with these sweet friends. Maddie Cleary and her precious daughters kept Jenna for a play day while I took Claire to a swim party. They took Jenna to Dairy Queen and painted her finger nails. She LOVES her "Miss Maddie" and I am truly thankful for her and her loving girls.

Enjoying our popsicles on a very HOT afternoon while playing outside.

Jenna posing in her car. I asked her where she was going and she said, "I am picking up Cannon and going to the beach to eat gummies!"

Positives to report....
The girls and I are having a fabulous summer swimming, playing with friends, eating popsicles from the "ice-cream man", learning, watching Punky Brewster (to the point that Ellie has episodes memorized!)and SLEEPING until at least 8:00am each morning.
The boys are growing and thriving in such an amazing way. They are becoming more aware of their surroundings daily. They smile at Claire each time she walks by and acknowledges them. They are lovin their baby food. Both boys are getting stronger each day and trying to sit up. They are super close to being "hip babies" meaning they can almost rest comfortably on a hip as you walk around with them. They are sleeping awesome (9pm-7am). They are healthy and well and we are so thankful.
Ellie will go back to Dr. Conklin in two weeks to take off the cast...YAY!
Claire will hopefully find out who her THIRD GRADE teacher will be this coming Monday. (Can't beleive she is going to be in third grade!)
Jenna is my most precious challenge of each day. I love her to pieces but we have to work really hard to not make it to the time out spot before 9am each morning. :)

Lastly I'd like to remind you all to remember Ian in your prayers each day. Tonight Ellie prayed that Ian could breathe like her tonight and not feel pain and be sad and for God to give him a miracle. The innocense and faith of a child's prayer should be heard and felt by all!


Tricia said...

So sorry you have hurt yourself! I will pray for a quick recovery and that the pain would go away very quickly!

Your boys are getting so big! They look precious, I bet they just love having big sisters!

Have a great 4th and take care of yourself!


Brooke said...

I fell on the stairs when I was 6 months pregnant with the twins!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel... it hurt so bad... I was so mad at myself... and about 6 weeks later, I was all better! Wishing you a speedier recovery!!

Love all the pictures.
Happy 4th!!