John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11 months old...are you kiddine me?!?!

James Daniel with his top LEFT tooth shining through. The right one is on its way in also! And the next pic is John David with his top two pearly whites!

James Daniel breaking free from "lunchtime"...I seriously turned my head for one second! Can't contain him...little monkey!

James has also found a way to OPEN MY SHOWER DOOR AND CRAWL INSIDE to enjoy water play...

SO will somebody please tell me where the last 11 months have gone? I am astounded that these boys are approaching 1 year. In a few weeks we will gather to celebrate James and John David's FIRST BIRTHDAY! What a celebration to be a part of. I am grateful beyond words.

I realize I have not been keeping up with this blog as frequently as I'd like to, but honestly I am zapped by 11 pm and that is usually when I have the chance to update. Right this minute I am trying to upload some recent pics, keep John David out of my Peace Lily plant and from yanking cords out of outlets behind end tables as well as keep James from standing up against the FLAT WALLS in the hallway and slamming his face on the hardwood floors for the zillionth time, all the while making phone calls, laundry, picking up floors, feeding boys, and being ready to leave in 15 min to pick up Ellie from school. Did I mention that I have to keep moving away from John David because he is infatuated with LICKING MY LEGS...I know gross ugh! He loves my cucumber melon lotion and the boy is purely a GARBAGE GUT! Daddy calls him FATS now! I constantly rake stuff out of his mouth daily. Oh yea, I am sure of one thing, James Danile will be a swimmer or drummer one.. His feet are in constant motion and banging two objects together is hi passion!!!

Whoever said staying home would be easier than going to work..yea right! The only easier part of "staying home" is the lesser amount of effort you put into YOURSELF! I don't shower and dress nicely for my days anymore. NOPE..just gym clothes and lots of body splash...


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

It is hard to believe that your little ones are 11 months old!!! Where has the time gone?

♥Trina♥ said...

LOL at John David licking your legs. Too funny!