John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, November 29, 2009

War Eagle..anyway!

So for all the Auburn Fans out there, the Pates say "WAR EAGLE...ANYWAY!"...The first 10 min. of that game made us happier than any other 10 min. of the season. Seriously, what fun it was to jump up and down and shout as our team obviously handed Alabama Crimson Tide a little piece of humble pie. Boy I sure would have loved seeing the look on some of those hard core "Bammer guys" as Auburn shoved it down their throats at the take off of the game. Sure Alabama had the better team, but nobody can argue with the fact that they almost lost their "dream season" to us ole Auburn folks!

We don't get extremely bend out of shape over this game...maybe a little bent out of shape but not like some crazy people. Sure we wish Auburn would have won, but the game of life is so much more important that the game of football. We were proud that our guys came out emotional and pumped up ready to play. We were proud of the hard fought game our guys played and still think that if we'd had a few more minutes, maybe we could have pulled some miraculous play out of our back pockets and walked away the winning team. Nonetheless, we had a terrific time with our closest friends and our kids played outside for 5 hours. Oh yea, and we splurged on some fabulous food. Thanks Mullinax Family for hosting the grand shindig Saturday.

Here are some pics from the day.

Daddy with James. Notice any similarities between these two handsome men...*HINT* (foreheads!)

Rob with two of his great friends, Matt and Christopher.

Jenna and Nathan (they look so much like each other and ACT just like each other..hahahah! Typical "thirds" in their families:)

Aunt Jill snuggling with James

Kate and Claire

The kids threw rocks and acorns into the leaves at the neighborhood dog for about an hour...too cute. From left to right, Ellie, Jacob, Kate and Claire.

Me and my precious little man, John David.

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