John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and "half-marathon!"

Tomorrow morning will be emotional for many days are. But tomorrow is a day of "thanksgiving" and praise for the blessings in which God undeservedly gives us. Rob and I will begin our Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta running a half marathon together. (Crazy to think that this time last year I was hospital bed bound and couldn't walk a hallway without falling out)...This will be our second half marathon running together. I am trying to convince him to run the full Mercedes with me in February but I don't think he is too keen on it....but I am still nudging him:)

After we run our race, we will journey on back to B'ham to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at Mamaw and Papa's house. We will gather with the Pate Family as well as our Mississippi family "THE Smiths"...they are a hoot for sure! The day will not pass too quickly without me recounting the hours in which this time last year I was lying in a hospital bed at Brookwood, hooked up to fetal monitors with the sound of horses galloping in the background (the heart beats of our boys), along with some delicious applesauce and graham crackers:) I remember feeling a sadness and loneliness of not being wtih my family last year enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast but more so, I recall feeling an unimaginably gratefulness to be at that particular point in our pregnancy with a hopeful future. There never seemed to be a "safe" place in the pregnancy but being at 28 weeks and monitored in the hospital seemed "safer" than not!

I am so thankful for the life in which God has richly blessed me with. I owe Him and only HIM all the glory of the beautiful family he has loaned Rob and I. I will again say my prayers to HIM all day as I do every day, but will be "thanking" Him especially more tomorrow for our family, health and miraculous blessings HE poured on us this time last year.

What an amazing year it has been. Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear friends and family. May you all feel love and gratitude to our mighty Creator and thank Him for what is seen and unseen...all the blessings He has given throughout the year.


The Taylors said...

I love it! So thankful that God has blessed you with those two precious boys and you are here today to praise Him for it. Not to mention, I LOVE the photo of the kids.

Keith and Jamie said...

WOW...i can only imagine the solitude, but knowing you were able to spend time alone with God as you walked through this time...What a beautiful family you have to proof that our God is AWESOME! Good luck running...