John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

John David Pate

So now it is John Daivd's update turn... Where shall I start..My sweet John David. He appears at times to be very laid back (like his daddy) takes alot to upset him , not to mention he also has a switch that can be flipped and if it ever is, boy watch out! John David is known around here as the "bigger one"...definitely the more patient one of the two. In the womb however, John David was the "busy" one..always on the move and getting himself in trouble tangling cords with his brother. I can vividly remember one of my ultrasounds when Ms. Leisa the technician said, "Well look at that, Baby B (John David) is literally sitting on Baby A's head...yep you got it, boy parts were floating across James' forehead.

John David has tendencies to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. The boy is always in trouble trying to eat the coals out of the fireplace, the leaves of my peace lily plant, pieces of cardboard from the girls' kitchen toys,and whatever else he gets his hands on! So far he has digested a miniature band aid and a tiny piece of cardboard.

John David is NOT a picky eater. He eats anything we give him. Fruits, veggies, meats, the more variety the better for him. He loves to go to the same spot in my kitchen (by the window under the table) and destroy the leaves of my Peace Lily plant. He is infatuated with the fireplace, enjoys clanging the chain link curtain. John David laughs easily...doesn't take much to get him giggling. He has just figured out that he likes standing up holding on to something (like the couch) but can't pull himself up to standing position yet, so he fusses until someone (usually me or Claire) helps him. He was first to cut the first tooth (the right one of course). We assume he will be the right handed dominate kid. Since brother is showing signs of being the "lefty" we assume John David will be the "righty".

He is a joy to nurture and love each day and I am honored to be his mommy.

Here is video of John David playing "bonk" with Daddy. This was their first game to "learn" to play and interact with us...go figure, Daddy teaches them to "head butt"...

The boy is obsessed with the fireplace..

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Mom4 said...

I found your blog when I googled "momo twins". I am 12 wks pregnant w/ momo twins (my 5th and 6th). It's inspirational to see how much God has blessed you and your beautiful family. I'm encouraged to see it can be done, even if the journey will be difficult. Congrats!!