John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, November 7, 2009

James Daniel Pate!

I decided to dedicate a post to each boy INDIVIDUALLY, since after all they are not the same baby...but individually different. I can already sense that it will be important as the years to come, for us to recognize these boys as different people and not constantly compare them as being the same. They do look identical but have already shown us in many ways of being completely different. James Daniel has been tagged as the "smaller one", and the "busier one", and will probably soon be referred to as the "entertaining one"...He is a great baby and has won over my heart for sure. Here's to James Daniel:

James has a quick temper, a rather short fuse. He reminds me of Ellie, he seems to either be really happy or really NOT. When James is hungry or needs to be changed, he communicates his desires rather abrasively. There isn't much lag time with James. He prefers immediate gratification.

He was the "first" to be born, and seems to be the "first" to eat, drink, play, sleep...whatever the task may be. He was labeled "baby A" in the womb. On ultrasounds, James always seemed to be the calmer baby. He was nestled down at the bottom of the womb without much room to move about...boy is he making up for lost time now. This crazy baby is crawling everywhere. He doesn't crawl to specifically get something, no, he more or less crawls around to "explore" his surroundings. I swear his little mind is already working overtime trying to "figure it all out". I presume he will be much like his mommy. BUSY and STRONG..determined, loving and emotional..and of course slightly hyper (but in a good way).

James loves his blueberry muffins, cotton candy yogurt, applesauce with vanilla yogurt, cinnamon roll oatmeal and of course "mommy's ice-cream cones"... James crawls very well and as a matter of fact, he crawls over objects, under objects, around objects and basically over anything in his way, he reminds me of a bulldozer..just levels whatever is in his way (even his brother at times). He adores bath time...loves playing in the water...he sucks the washcloth, puts his face under the running water, bangs his metal spoon against the bathtub and laughs as he does it.

James is constantly kicking his feet (shuffling them like he is running somewhere) I jokingly say he is going to be my triathlete one day. Maybe he will run marathons with his mommy:) He likes to sleep on his belly cuddled in his blanket. He is going to be a lefty. He eats with his left hand, grasps objects and shakes rattles with his left hand and believe it or not, he is cutting the "left" teeth. Little buddy is a snaggle tooth..the left top and left bottom teeth are coming in at the same time. Brother has the right ones. I have researched mirror image twins and I do believe we have ourselves a set of mirror image twins.

James Daniel Pate is one of a kind. I am honored to be his mommy. I savor the days I am able to love him and nurse him, teach him and share moments with him. He is my precious son and I pray God would use his life to bring Glory and Honor to HIM!

Here are some recent videos of James.

James Daniel saying "mama"...Of course he is not referring to me as mama, but he is babbling Mamamamamam alot. Sometimes I will catch him saying it when I am feeding him or when he is hungry so maybe he is making reference to me as "mama" but for now, we enjoy hearing their sweet voices babble... *remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn the music on the blog off so you can hear the video)

James Daniel laughing at Mommy saying "bonk"..we play a game called bonk. Basically Daddy has taught him how to "bonk heads" (or rather bang foreheads together)

James Daniel crawling up and down the hall way.

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