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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Blog..

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a new blog with conversations and comments from our children. I got the idea from a great friend, Brooke Coyle. She decided that there were too many things her children said in a day that she didn't want to forget so she started recording them into a blog. I decided to do the same thing. The new blog address is if you are interested in following it. I intend to update at least once a week with comments and conversations we have with our children and they have between each other.

On the way to church this morning, riding in the van, I hear Jenna tell Claire, "Mommy gave me some fiber in my hiney bone cause I ate a bean and tooted in my seat"...Claire tells her, "That is impressive Jenna" a sarcastic tone of course. Moments later I hear Ellie ask if we are still eating lunch at the "priests" house...this is funny because we are NOT Catholic and we had previously told her that we'd be eating lunch at PASTOR Randy's house.

Our weekend was crazy busy because I worked a consignment sale for a multiples group I am involved in. The sale went wonderful and I sold about 400 items. Rob said, "So we got rid of a bunch of stuff, you bought all the kids new clothes for the next season and you made money?"...yep honey that is correct and it only costs me a few 30 hours of preparation and total working time as well the raw skin on my fingers from pulling pins and tagging clothes..haha!

The kids also went to a baby sitter's house (all five) for the first time ever...they have never ALL gone to the same location without a family member to watch them. Jenn Goode and her sweet daughter (whom I taught in fourth grade several years ago) offered to keep ALL the kids Saturday night so Rob and I could go out for his company dinner. We are so blessed to have this family in our lives. They adore our children and it truly means so much to Rob and I to have Jenn and Alex to trust our children with.

Please remember to pray for Kim Kelly, a new friend who is pregnant with quads and living in the hospital until the babies are born. She is only 23 weeks this coming week so she has a long ways to go. Thank you for remembering her in your daily prayer walk.

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