John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bang, Clang, and MAMA...and I am well again!!

Here is a video of the boys playing with my dumbbell weights and James was saying "mama" over and over. Of course when I got the camera ready and asked him to say it, he didn't cooperate nearly as well as he did when I didn't have the camera ready...but isn't that usually how it works..the kid doesn't perform when you want them too..haha! I also love how John David (Biggn) is tossing the weight around like it is nothing and James can hardly pick it up...

I also wanted to thank all of my family for helping out with our brood this past weekend and my sweet friends for checking in on us over the weekend while I endured the "flu"...I of course didn't make it to the doctor but for 3 days, I thought for sure I was nearing my death bed. It was purely awful. The last time I had all the flu symptoms was two years ago when I was training for my first Mercedes Marathon. Guess I didn't learn my lesson then, so I needed to go through the "body breakdown" again. I have read that when training for a full marathon and you bump up your mileage over 45 a week that your body's immune system is weakened and occasionally has a physical breakdown. I am just so thankful I still have two more weeks to hopefully gain my strength back before the race on Feb. 14th.

So the absolute worst moment of the past few days was Friday morning when I woke up with 102 fever and my hair hurt. I couldn't hardly move without intense pain in every single part of my body. Of course the two one year olds and the gimp legged two year old didn't have much empathy for me. They still demanded their waffles and BREAST MILK...(and by the way, 102 fever and extreme body ache DOES NOT make breastfeeding fun) I swear I deserve a t-shirt that says.."Yes, I am tough as nail!" I had to take care of my sick self as well and Jenna and the boys ALL day Friday. To then walk into my kitchen and notice that the floor was flooded with water. I seriously called my husband and whined like a two year old saying, "that is it, I am about to sit in our dang floor and just cry!" I felt so horrid and it was only 8:00am...but thankfully the plumber came and fixed the kitchen sink, my mom picked up the big girls from school so I didn't have to leave my couch (except for the twenty five times I had to pull John David out of the bathroom from playing in the toilet water and take James down off the top stair leading upstairs, and take Jenna to the kitchen table for snack, lunch, snack and snack as well as the potty since she can't walk of course) and then Mamaw stopped by on her way home from work to help feed the brood until Daddy arrived home and then obviously handled everything for the remainder of the weekend.

So thankful to be feeling healthy and well again. Momma being sick just doesn't make for a pleasant homestead!

This video is so typical of these rambunctious boys. If it makes noise and clangs and bangs they LOVE it. My dad and stepmom just shipped the boys a set of drums...I will definitely post that video once they arrive.


Sara said...

They NEVER perform when you want them to. So cute, though!

(Ours usually waves "bye-bye" at the store clerks when we are halfway to the car in the parking lot.) ;)

Glad you're better!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

So glad you are feeling better!!!
Sweet videos - your boys are getting so big!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my! I have not blogged or read a single blog for MONTHS! I've tried to catch up some on yours and can't believe how big they are and what they are up to! So sweet and such blessings! Our guys soon turn 3 and I'm really wanting to slow time down!!

Glad you are on the mend - being a sick mama is NOT fun!

The Mom-tage said...

It's so not fair when the Mama gets sick! Your family is precious.