John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being a Great MOMMY doesn't require much...

Just a little Wal-Mart shopping and a Subway dinner..that's all it takes in our family to be coined "Best Mommy in the World". Tonight, after a VERY long day of consignment drop off and gym training, picking up kids and dropping off for gymnastics (all the typical Thursday routine), I needed to pick up a few things from Wal-Mart (by the way, a few things to pick up at wal-mart is an hour trip at minimum with all my rowdy kids!)...but I told the girls we were going to Wal-Mart and if behaviors were exceptional, they would be rewarded with choosing ONE sweet snack from the Little Debbie isle..."YAY, THANK YOU MOMMY, YOU ARE THE BEST"...resounds throughout my van. Once we made it through Wal-Mart with no major meltdowns, I decide to reward the girls with Subway for supper (it is very rare that we eat out so this is a huge treat for them) and again I hear three squeals, "YAY, MOMMY YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD"....They enjoyed their "5 dollar footlong" and giggled about everything! The boys had a blast roaming in the Wal-Mart cart, devouring Cheeto Puffs and playing peek a boo with me. But sure enough as we finish supper and it is time to go, you can imagine what takes place next...

*nobody wants to leave
*all girls begin whining because it is sooooooooo cold
*boys start wailing (not sure why? probably feeling their sisters' vibes)
*we get to the van and the girls fight over who gets in first, who is in who's way.
*the ride home it is "not fair that we have to take baths and go to bed once we arrive home"
*Claire starts arguing with me about a school situation
*Ellie pitches a fit because she asked for a dessert and I told her it was too late for dessert.
*by the time we arrived home and I got everybody upstairs ALL FIVE KIDS WERE CRYING!!

After the night was settled and all kiddos in the bed, Ellie says to me, "Mommy you are still the best even though we didn't have a dessert tonight and you made us take a bath"