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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ellie Bug...all in a school day!

Ellie attends Bruno's Montessori School in Oak Mountain. We are very impressed with the all that Ellie has learned this year in school. She has flourished in this environment and has done very well. We are thankful for all the experiences Montessori learning as brought for Ellie. Here are some pictures from parent night. Daddy stayed home with all the siblings and I was able to attend her special night all by myself. It was glorious. I loved watching Ellie in her element.

Showing me her beautiful handwriting. She writes the words that she creates from the "movable alphabet"...I loved it when she said, "Mommy when you were four did you do a movable alphabet at your school and use a clipboard to write your words down?" Haha..I told Ellie that when I was four I probably didn't even know my alphabet much less create my own words and write them down...haha!

Her world map..she said, "Mommy you should know something..I did this all myself with no person to help me"..hahah!

Montessori Math..don't ask me, cause I have no idea and I am a fourth grade teacher..but whatever they do to teach these Montessori kids works amazingly..Ellie has recently started on multiplication..unbelievable!

YEP...this would be Ellie's Japanese practice..she says, "Mommy Japan kids don't do letters they like pictures instead for their words"...crakn me up girly!

Reading a story to me...

Ellie's bestfriend...

Ms.Patricia..this woman is amazing..been teaching Montessori for 16 years..we are blessed to have her teach and enrich our Ellie Bug this year.

ART work. Ellie really enjoys the (serious cooking), painting, drawing, sketching, music!

Her favorite part..the candy bar and cappuccino!

Here is Ellie Bug showing off her classroom to me on parent night. She was thrilled to spend the "mommy and ellie" time together. After she shared with me the activities and "jobs" she completes in her average school day, we stopped at our favorite gas station and had a twix candy bar and french vanilla cappuccino


Avery Tales said...

Wow! That is impressive! I've heard fabulous things about Bruno's Montessori. My Dad just opened a childcare center down the road, Learning by Design. Jeffrey absolutely loves it there. His preschool teacher has a Montessori background and all of the parents seem to love her.

Sara said...

DANA! I am SO, SO glad that I decided to catch up on your blog tonight!!!

We are going to tour the Montessori school TOMORROW morning to look into enrolling our little one for the fall semester. I know in my heart that she'll thrive in that environment, & it's only for a few hours a week at that early age (she'll be about eighteen months), but you know how that mommy-guilt thing is...I keep wondering if I'm staying at home, shouldn't SHE be here at home with me? Can they teach her things I can't??? Of course they can!

I am SO THRILLED to read about how much success y'all have had w/ Ellie at the Montessori school. Thanks for sharing!!!