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Monday, March 29, 2010

Build-A-Bear..and a memory or two!

(This picture is Jenna laughing REALLY LOUDLY every time I said, "Jenna what did you build today..hahaha!")

So today was a wonderful day filled with special memories of my Jenna girl. I was able to take her to the Galleria Mall to Build-A-Bear. She got a gift card from her Nana to spend at Build-A-Bear, and she had never been before. On the way there, I tried to explain to Jenna what it was going to be like, and she kept saying, "Mommy, I am so excited!"

Daddy met us there to have lunch as well. Jenna chose to have a McDonald's yogurt parfait of all the food court selections...I thought that was rather comical..I asked her more than once if she wanted a hamburger or pizza or even chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A and she was positive that the yogurt parfait was her choice made!

So Jenna built a bear (a very special pink, fluffy, soft bear), named her Emmy and hasn't put her down since we arrived back to the van with Emmy. She shared her lunch with Emmy, read a story book to Emmy in the car and even allowed Ellie to hold her for a brief moment. I savored the memories of today and will never forget my sweet Jenna's first trip to "Build A Bear"...

Oh yeah, and she chose to wear one of her new outfits that Mamaw got her for her birthday, and she has been so joyful to wear a new outfit each day since her party Saturday (I think Mamaw got her four outfits so we are on our third one so far) But as we were looking for an outfit for Emmy, Jenna turns to me and says, "Emmy wants a really pretty outfit and dress like the ones Mamaw got me"...:) The girl is only 3 and already shows so much excitement to put on a new outfit..we are DOOMED when the teen years hit the Pate house..for sure!

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How much fun! I know Jenna loved every minute of her special day.