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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Following Directions...17 months old.

So I want to share the video today of me trying to get James to follow directions. The boys have been doing a pretty good job of listening and mimicking us for a couple of months, so now we have entered the new stage of "obeying" and following directions. I thought they were exhausting prior to 1 year of age, but I have to say that 17 months is definitely energy draining on my behalf. It would be much easier to just yank em up and toss em into the van, but actually taking the time to teach them to follow mommy to the van, walk by holding my hand in the parking lot, and even crawling into the van and into their seats without my help is the stage in which we are at!

Here is the TWO MINUTES video of James following directions to "go bye bye" which means walk to the van.

A few other commands they follow well right now are:

Where is your ball? (they can search and find a ball and bring it to you)
Where is your car?
Take this to Daddy/Mommy
Do you want to eat? (they will go to their seats in the kitchen, unless it is night time and then they find the boppy pillow and bring it to me)
Praise Jesus.. (they throw their hands up in the air)
Say Bye Bye
Where is your head?
Where is your nose?
Close the door (especially the pantry door and dryer door)
Find the broom (this is just a command James follows cause John David doesn't care about the broom!)
What does the tiger say..(James growls)
What does the dog say...(John David barks)
Find a book and let's read..(they will bring you a book)
Can you give love..
Blow a kiss..
Can you smile for the camera?
Say ball...(they say bawl)
Where is the phone?

So the miracle babies are developing on target considering their prematurity and the fact that they are twins. To me they seem to still be a little behind. Compared to our girls, they are WAY behind...but I have heard from mommas of boys, that you just can't compare them because generally girls are much more mature and further ahead than boys. But I am truly grateful these little guys are doing so well. I will gladly take the challenge of "catching them up" verses all the other health problems and concerns they could have potentially ended up with.

We are so thankful for their health and well-being, and watching them learn new things (tricks as Ellie calls them) is awesome and daily I am reminded of God's grace and mercy through the lives of James Daniel and John David.

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