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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo!

I took the boys and Jenna to the zoo this week. We met our best friends "the Martins". Christopher, Aimee and Harper joined us on the fun filled day at the Birmingham Zoo (or rather we joined them). Thanks to Uncle Christopher for getting us in for free...that makes my zoo experience even more pleasurable:-)

Jenna and Harper had a great time. I think the suckers that Aunt Aimee brought along were definitely the perk of the entire trip..haha! The boys stayed in their stroller the entire 2 hours (didn't fuss once thankfully) and they just barked at all the animals we passed. I guess this first stage in "animal sounds" is the dog, "woof woof", so until they learn that animals make different sounds, they just bark when they see any kind of living, moving animal.

Once again, I am so grateful to have this opportunity to enjoy something as simple as a zoo trip with my children. I remember doing this in the fall with the BAMOM group and being so thankful for the special time I was being given with them while staying home for this year. So many days, I look forward to going back to the classroom to teach, yet at the same time my heart takes a little twist at the thought of being away from them all day. I will never forget this wonderful year of staying home with these precious children. I am currently working on a memory book from this past year of all the memorable things I was able to do with Jenna and the boys. I think it will be a nice reflection of our time together that we'll always be able to look at with each other and say, "Oh yeah, remember that..."

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