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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WOW!!! 14 Donations....

Naveen Singanamaia
Heather Abston
Trina Vest
Jill Kasdorf Mullinax
Lauren Ruston
Mose and Rosey Howa
Allison Lacey
Elizabeth Dean
Laralee Pennington
Ashely Wismen Wheeler
Diane Stearns
Cassie Reed
Paula Covington
Debbie Howa
Melissa Tatum Donaldson

I wanted to post quickly to share with you guys the sweet folks that have offered to donate to Ross Folmar's race this Saturday. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to do this for this precious family. I still am hopeful that more donations will come in, but for now, it brings tears to my eyes to be able to share with this family these 14 people who are praying for their little boy everyday and are willing to give some financial relief amongst the heavy burdensome time they are currently living day to day. I also wanted to leave two pictures from his caring bridge site for those of you who maybe haven't seen them. Poor little buddy has such a long way to go, but it is amazing how well he is doing considering all the shock his body has endured. Oh how I pray that God will restore his health and make that little boy whole and vibrant and full of life as he once was. Also, when I look at that picture of he and his mom laying in his hospital bed, it makes me cry....I wouldn't be able to leave his side either....:-(

To the fourteen people I listed above, thank you so much, I have prayed for you each individually that God would bless you in a beautiful way for loving sacrifice to this family.

Pictures of Ross...

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