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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ross Update

I realize I have negleted my blog this past week, so sorry..but Mommy had four days away at the beach with her very best buddies and I have just now returned to "Mommy world" again.

I first want to update you guys on Ross Folmar. One week ago today he was hit with a baseball in his chest that stopped his heart; 24 hours later the docs said he would likely NOT survive and if he did survive he would be severely brain damaged. His poor mom and dad were told they would have to make a decision to stop the machines or not; 24 more hours later and thousands of prayers after, Ross went from "very critical and damaged with NO brain activity" to "critical and not as damaged as originally thought with some brain activity"...over the weekend as the docs began weaning him off the drug induced coma, Ross swatted the nurses hand away from his mouth...WOW, what a HUGE praise. The details that follow this story are on Caring Bridge now...and if you want to witness another miracle, you should go to and search rossfolmar (no spaces) and when you find his page, enter your email address so you can be notified when there are updates. In just a few days, this sweet little boy has shown amazing healing. We are not questioning "if" our GOD is big enough or powerful enough to handle all that surrounds this family's devastating situation, we are watching yet another miracle unfold. I constantly pray for this family. So many of you have contacted me about Ross and shared him with others. I beg you to continue to pray for him and his family and keep sending him to all the God loving, God fearing, God serving folks that ya know. It gives me chills to think that 13,000 hits have been recorded on his Caring Bridge page. Can you imagine how your heart would feel if your son was being prayed for by that many people?? I know how it feels to be prayed for by so many people and many days, it just took my breathe away.

I will update later on our boys. I have some new pics I will post later tonight. I gotta run now. Just wanted to update you guys on Ross. Please do keep praying for him.

Caring Bridge page is and type in rossfolmar


The Taylors said...

Thanks for the update Dana. I was needing some good news for this family.

Trina said...

I found out about his page on Caring Bridge through fb. It is so wonderful to read of the improvements he has made. God is so good!