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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Weekend...BUSY weekend!

This weekend was packed full. Friday night, Rob took the girls for Valentine's date. Saturday morning Claire ran in the Kids Mercedes Marathon. Nurse Heather (from the NICU kept the boys at home Sat. while I took Claire downtown. Mommy and all the girls trotted all over downtown Birmingham for several hours. Then left from there to meet my mom for Ellie and Jenna to go to a friend's birthday party and then spend the night with Nana (my mom). Daddy worked until 12:00 pm (missing the chaos of the morning). Once home from the Kids Marathon, we ate some lunch (quickly) and off to Claire's softball practice. This was the boys' first outing since they have arrived home. We bundled them up good, they rode in their new stroller, slept through all of the activities! Saturday night, Claire was able to help bathe and feed the boys for the first time (really BIG moment for her) and we had our favorite dinner "Tazikis" in honor of Daddy's pre-marathon run meal. Sunday morning we headed back downtown for Rob to run the Mercedes half marathon. Lots of fun. Claire and I zipped around and watched the runners, found a yummy deli to eat breakfast at, and cheered the runners on as they crossed the finish line. Left there by 9am and drove to pick up Ellie and Jenna from my mom on the way back home, ate some lunch, CRASHED for naps, played outside, ran a couple of miles around the neighborhood, Claire's friend Harper arrived for a spend the night party, pizza dinner, and BED TIME! Whew! What a big and busy weekend the Pate family had.

The boys have a new "napping" spot. They love to cuddle up in their boppy pillow and snooze away. Both boys together equal a full size newborn at this point.


Waiting for Daddy to arrive to take them out for their Valentine date. He rang the door bell, all three girls ran to the door screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!", Rob had a rose for each girl, then he took them to eat supper at Shogun and dessert at Dairy Queen. They had such a fabulous time. The boys and I stayed home in PJ's and slept! Awesome Valentine's Day this year....lots of love to go around at the Pate house!

Mommy and all the girls arriving downtown for the Kids Mercedes Marathon. We had to park under the interstate and Ellie and kept saying "But what if the cars fall down on top of us"...

Papa and Mamaw cheering Claire on in her first "marathon"...too cute!

Claire and her best friend Anna after they ran the Kids Mercedes Marathon! They did a great job and I was very proud~ Claire asked me if she could run the full with me next time I run it and I told her she might need to be a bit older, but that one day she and Mommy would definitely run a full marathon together. She and Anna ran the mile in about 12 min. Way to go girls!

Few minutes before the start of the Mercedes Marathon! Way to go Rob, we are so proud of you! Thank you for running for me this year. I am so glad I got you hooked on running. Now we can travel the country and run together (with our 5 KIDS!)

Claire and I enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast at Sophia's downtown while waiting for Daddy to finish his race.

1 hour and 53 minutes later, Daddy made it across the finish line. Claire was a little unsure of how sweaty and stinky Daddy was.


Missy said...

Wow! You were right - that was a big & busy weekend!
Great pictures of the boys! And Claire & her friend look like twins! Glad you got to rest a little - it makes a world of difference!

Tricia said...

You have made me tired! So glad things are going great!