John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 5...and I'm still ALIVE!

James and John David had a follow up eye exam this morning to check for any retina problems due to their prematurity. Dr. Metz said they looked really good right now. We will need to have follow up eye exams every 6 months to monitor any refraction problems. He said premature babies sometimes are nearsighted. So great morning other than the weather..yuck! Thanks Uncle David for riding along with us and helping me get the boys in and out. Not much excitement I know, but I do appreciate your help!

By the way, I remember when it was alot of effort to get ONE baby ready to leave the house for a trip to the doctor's office, WOW do I have my work cut out for me now...TWO babies, TWO teeny tiny babies with TWICE as much to worry about and TWICE the effort...but DOUBLE THE JOY when I look into their eyes and think... "what a complete miracle you are"...I love these babies so much.

Sorry to be so short, but nothing much new, still eating every 4-5 hours and sleeping a lot, James still poops at least three times each feeding and John David hasn't pooped since his suppository Sat. night. I have one that can't stop pooping and one that can't poop!... I am sure they will "wake up" soon, so for now I am going to take advantage of their napping and go have a nap with them. At this point, I have to decide sleep or shower...definitely going with SLEEP today. Thanks for all the prayers out there. I still feel them, knowing we are in your thoughts helps me make it through another day.
Here is some video Dad and Rosie. Enjoy!

Ellie holding James. She was so proud of herself. She looked down at him and smiled like she was so happy to be holding him. He looked around and was very still and quiet for her. It was a really sweet moment for them.


Missy said...

Dana, So glad to hear the boys' eye exams went well! I remember the days of shower or nap? I then quickly learned how to shower in 5 minutes. But when I wasn't napping, it was pumping, cleaning, etc. But I do miss those "baby days"! Love the picture of Ellie holding James! What a proud sister!

Leslee Quiggle said...

Isn't it nice not to have breaking news to report? Isn't it great that your post has been about the normal, daily lives of babies? :-)