John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Handsome BOYS!

Here is a picture of the boys today while I was changing diapers...together. What is really sweet about this picture, is that prior to taking the picture they were both screaming (separately, one in the crib part of the pack and play and the other one on top of the changing area) and I needed to change both, so I decided to put John David up top with James while I was changing him, and they both stopped crying and fussing and became calm and quiet. It was super cool. I swear they know when they aren't together. Same thing when they are both sleeping in the bed side by side and I carefully remove one to feed, the other brother wakes up within usually 5 min. They are going to be such big buddies...I hope!


Here is James Daniel this morning after his breakfast and bath!

First stroller ride...they LOVED it! I think they'll be ready for marathon training in June!


Missy said...

You are right when you said Handsome Boys - they really are! How sweet. In all of Abby & Emma's baby pictures they are snuggled up to each other. And when I seperated them into two beds at 9mos (due to them kicking each other and waking each other up) they cried so much.

Your boys are precious! Oh, what marathon in June? I have set a goal for myself to do a future marathon (to help me get into shape)?

-Ronda said...

Dana, they are beautiful abd they are looking so strong. They'll be good and ready for Claire's softball season in March!!!

Holly said...

They are so handsome. You have a lot of fun in store with boys who can be best buddies. Check out some of the pics I just posted to see all the "fun" they can get into. :-) What a beautiful family. Hilarious video on previous post! Take care.

Adriane said...

Just found your blog through another I visit. Your boys are beautiful!

Lori Lancaster said...

Dana - The video made me cry it was so sweet - How precious they are cuddled up so closely! They ARE going to be great pals! You look great too! It was fun seeing you at the marathon Saturday!