John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Mamaw and Papa!

Ellie was so proud to put on her chef hat and "cook" something up...

Jenna had a beautiful smile here when she opened her gift from Nanny and Papaw Pate.

Claire opening her IPOD from Mamaw and Papa..she had NO CLUE and it was great to watch her reaction...

Daddy opening a huge box of 176 diapers...never seen a guy so excited to receive diapers...

John David laughing at his mailbox toy.

Mommy excited to just be holding two healthy, loving precious baby gift I have ever received at Christmas!

Ellie wanted to eat these pj pants. She is obsessed with sweets (wonder where she gets that obsession from?!?!) and was so excited when she opened her new jam jams!

Claire getting ready to help James open his presents.

Ellie and Jenna having their "Christmas Feast" at Mamaw's Ellie puts it.."NO YUCKY DIPS...just the BREAD and SWEETS Mommy"

Rob holding his sons. I love this picture because they look just like him. I also like how the boys both have their heads tilted the same direction..

Our family had a very memorable and special Christmas with Mamaw and Papa, uncle Phillip, Aunt Katy, cousin Sam, Nanny and Papaw. I am mostly thankful for the loving memories I will have to cherish forever.

Silly Faces...figured it would be easier to get everyone looking at the camera if we encouraged them to stick out their tounges and make silly faces...

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