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Friday, January 15, 2010

"Hands Full" ....A New IDEA??

I seriously get this comment EVERY SINGLE DAY.

"Oh my, bless your have your hands full"
"Boy do you have your hands full"
"Ha Ha have your hands full"
"Goodness girl you have your hands full"



Here is the basis of a day in the life of "mommy"....

WAAAWWAAAAWWAAAAA...(babies and or toddlers crying!@!!!)
"Mommy, i pooped, help me"
"I want two cookies cause i am two"
"Can we go jump"
"Stop,_______ (fill in the blank with a siblings name), it's MINE"
"RING mommy!"
"DING DING...its the 'ups' man mommy, No honey that is the United Parcels Service man dear!"
"Nap time, everyone upstairs, potty, get lovies, and jump straight to bed"
"I don't like vegetables, I want a pop-tart"
"Mommy, the boys are climbing again"
"Stop,_______(fill in the blank with a siblings name), it's MINE!"
***Here is a very important part of the is about NOON and the COFFEE POT IS ON....AGAIN!!!!**** Amazing the difference a tiny bit of caffeine will make for mommy:)

You get the picture...and if you are a mom who just got dressed for the day (during naptime) welcome to the world of SAHM..stay at home mom...OH yeah, and I should mention here that I am only a "temporary" SAHM...I will return to my teaching career (and real clothes) next school year:)

Now you see why I run marathons and dedicate some much needed ME time to myself each day. If you don't you won't make it a week with a bunch of little ones before wanting to cry,whine,pitch a fit,eat junk food,and become irritable with everyone who speaks to you..sound familiar??? YES....hello mommies, i am talking about your toddlers who if they don't eat well, play and exercise,and rest sufficiently they become ILL!!!

This Momma's best advice for having your "hands full" is to not forget to take care of you..

Not telling you to indulge in Kentucky Fried Garbage, or "sleep it off"...I think a bulk of broccoli and a cup of joe with 30min. of activity is a better recipe for feeling whole again.

So with that said, I was kinda tinkering with an idea???

I would like to start another blog (not that I can even keep up with this one as is..) but one with "Just the GOODS" advice that is for raising babies, multiples, kids, husbands (oops..sorry honey), and being the absolute best woman of God we all desire to be. I am thinking about it. It would be short and purposeful. It would be goal driven. Yes, I actually have goals in my day and week and even year that I would like to accomplish. It would be interactive (if I had some friends to participate) and I really think we'd all enjoy it. I am going to continue this "miracle babies" blog because I owe it to my boys and their story to keep it going. I love documenting our family experiences with our children, but I have a few ideas and bits of advice I'd like to share and of course advice I search for as well.

Just thinking.....

Yall have a great day!


Kristy Wilder said...

Love the idea! Maybe even an element of trading gear???

Dawn said...

Dana, that would be awesome! I love your insight and discipline and always look forward to reading your blog for inspiration :)

Jamie said...

Sound can count me in...I am always willing to learn how I can become a more Godly woman and Mama! Thanks for thinking of this.

Michael said...

I would certainly read it and value your experience and advice. We are potty training and I was just thinking the other day that I wished I could ask your for tips.
-Lauren Horton Raciborski

Holly said...

I get those comments constantly too... We've got five kids, six and under, four of them boys, and I have to be honest here, I get sick of hearing it. ALL Mom's have their hands full! I don't look at our kids as a number, but a group of individuals, who are all soooo different. When I just had one child my hands were FULL. I know strangers don't mean those comments in a negative way (most of the time), but Motherhood is hard, no matter how many you have. Your idea will be very helpful to others.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in on this one. Let me know when it starts!!! -Ronda

Anonymous said...

We've actually never met, but I'm a teacher at OMES. I heard about you and the twins last year & people praying for you and stuff... So I join the prayer warriors and checked out your blog. I've grown to love reading your blog b/c it just makes me laugh, smile, etc.... Anyway, my point was I think you should write a book, not have another blog. At least you would have 1 person buy it (me). ~Christina Tomlin