John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Tricks..VIDEO included~!

This picture ( I have several of this pose) makes me want to cry each time I see it. It reminds me of what it must have been like inside the womb when they slept at night. This is the only time they ever fall asleep "together" and it is usually after I nurse them at night. It is one of my most favorite moments with them both together.

James Daniel playing with a tub instead of toys..go figure!

John David driving his Spiderman car!

James putting the ball in the monkey tree toy...

So these little guys are rapidly growing and developing. I am still so amazed (and probably will be forever) when I sit back and really take it all in. These guys are not even gestationally one year old until the end of February but yet they are closer and closer to their typical peers in development it seems daily. Tonight, both boys figured out how to "put the ball inside" of one of their toys. We have shown them a few times, but tonight, the switch flipped and they "figured it out"...such a proud moment! I guess I have to be honest in that with our girls, I never really thought much about them "learning" those first few "tricks" know, waving bye bye and blowing kisses or simply playing with their toys the correct way. But watching the boys learn these milestones just makes my heart swell with such joy. It kind of gives me a peace each time they do something that shows cognative development.

So I had the opportunity to share the boys' story with Dr. Goodson's office staff today (as we were patiently waiting for 2 hours) but when I shared the story, many of them couldn't believe how healthy and well the boys were. One lady said, "you can't even tell they were 2 pounds" and another lady said, "they are proof that God still works miracles" Well yes mam, I couldn't agree with you more.

James is scheduled for tubes next Thursday. He has had three months worth of infections and/or fluid on his ears. That is plenty long enough to wait before getting tubes. We are hopeful this procedure will help to keep his ears clear and free of infection and also help with his "listening ability"... the audiologist said he couldn't hear clearly and that could be why it seem he is not listening to us...or could just be the boy has my personality and seems to only hear what he wants to hear. I am hopeful it is not the latter...hahah!

John David has learned a new trick this week. Not one to be proud of though...he is BITING...and biting ALOT. The cute thing about it though is, that when you ask him or tell him "no bite" he breaks down and starts crying. He completely understands the word "bite". When I was feeding them lunch today, I said, "James you want a bite" and John David started whimpering as if he were in trouble...too funny.

The boys also answer to each others names. If you say James, they both look. If you say John David, they both look.

James is getting really close to walking. He can stand alone for about 5-10 sec. and he is crusing along everything. John David tried to "growl" like a tiger with me tonight. Too cute.

The most precious moment yesterday at the kitchen table during snack time was after I had tried to get them both to "wave bye bye", James waved and John David said "bye bye"...Claire laughed and said, "Mommy that is crazy how one of them said it and the other one did it!"....

We are all crossing fingers for SNOW tomorrow. I doubt we will have any to play in, but if we do, there's "Snow doubt about it" you can bet I am gonna bundle up FIVE kids and have a blast. Here is a math problem for all my students who still read my blog....

Five kids times two pairs of socks each plus one set of gloves each plus sweatshirts, jackets, scarves, hats and sweatpants per child equals one very busy laundry queen....ME!


Anonymous said...

a wonderful long video.

Jamie said...

Oh my tubes...we had them done on Monday, a set for each. We are with you on the ear infections...James' was actually really bad when they went in to place the tubes. But we are on the road to well ears! Praise God!

They are so handsome, and it appears that you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas.

The Taylors said...

Hmmmm, super mommy! I've always heard you could nurse twins but you are the only person I've ever truly known to accomplish the task. YOU ROCK! Praying for the tubes next week. Hugs Friend!