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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ball Park Boys!

We spent 4 hours at the ballpark for Claire's game yesterday. FUN in the SUN for sure. Here are a few pics of the boys in their stroller (for 3 and a half hours and out of their stroller for 3 and a half minutes!!!!) Obviously keeping an eye on two one year olds and a three year old and a five year old (and a five year old's friend) is just too many little kids in different directions (oh yeah,not to mention trying to watch my Claire Bear playing softball) so therefore the boys have learned to like their stroller...not that they have a choice, they are one and I am thirty-one so that makes me older and the "decision maker"...hahah! But they sure did enjoy that few minutes of freedom roaming the fence and red-dirt covered ground:)

Also, the boys will have a visit from Bri tomorrow. She is one of our early intervention therapist. She is so wonderful with the boys. I am excited for her to come see all the cute things they are doing now. We missed our visit in Feb and March so she hasn't seen them since January!

I will update her visit tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone!
(I am posting on a Sunday morning, which is rare, but since I am laid up on the couch with a VERY BAD SPRAINED ankle after falling down a hill running yesterday, I decided to use my time wisely and update a couple of new pics)

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