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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Immediate Prayer Request

A former Dean Road Elementary teacher in Auburn, Alabama, who is currently the assistant principal of Auburn Early Ed. is living in a nightmare right now. I am sure 24 hours ago, Andrea Folmar was living her normal day to day life not expecting tragedy to strike.

Andrea has three handsome, healthy boys. Her younger two sons, Sam and Ross were playing a game called "Heat" (where one child throws a baseball as hard as he can to the other child and they try to catch it with their hands), Sam, who is in 8th grade threw the ball to Ross, who is in 5th grade, and it drilled him right in the middle of his chest. The danger of it though, is that it hit him hard in between the beats of his heart, therefore stopping his heartbeat. He went approximately 20 minutes without a heartbeat, which means oxygen to his brain was compromised. Ross was air lifted to UAB from Auburn and is in ICU right now. He is currently on life support and fighting to live right now. As of this afternoon, the doctors are not very hopeful for recovery for Ross. He is showing very little brain activity.

I am asking for everyone who reads this blog to please take a moment in your day, and pray for this family. I am currently praying for God to work a complete miracle in this young boy's life. It is so tragic to hear of this sweet family having to endure such a horrible time right now.

I mean, really, can you even imagine the horrible thought of your children playing out in the yard (as they do all the time) and then in a second of time your entire life's path is altered in a way that will never be the same.

I feel such an ache in my heart for the Folmar family. When I talked with my best friend from Auburn today, Valerie Bradley, we just cried together. In the midst of total chaos around me, kids running around, screaming, crying, interrupting me for random reasons, the clock ticking and proving to me we were late for church; I stopped a moment and reflected on all the reasons to "Not sweat the small stuff"...truly, we do tizzy ourselves with so much unnecessary stress. Here we are living such a wonderful life and so many around us are living complete turmoil.

Here are the people who are weighing heavy on my heart tonight:

The Folmar Family

Roy Dean (My sister-in-law's stepdad has been battling cancer for several years. He is not doing well, is in a HUGE amount of pain, spends most of his days on heavy medication and sleeps alot. He is going in for a scan on Friday to evaluate his tumor..please pray for him)

The Ayers' boys (preemie twin boys born to Auburn Golfer, Tobin Ayers in Atlanta, GA)

Baby Christopher (triplet brothers born a month ago at 23 weeks, Andrew and Brandon died within 10 days of each other, Christopher is still on the vent, has had some brain bleeding and seziures, and the doctors are saying he will have many health problems. Please pray for a miracle in his life, strength for his mom, Kristi and dad, Darren.

I will try to update as soon as I know something on Ross Folmar.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Saying prayers now. What a terrible story but I am praying God lays his hands on this family, Roy and these other families.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Thank you Punkin! I will lift all of these people up as well. You are such a of the best people I've ever known.
Please keep us posted~

♥Trina♥ said...

Oh my, Dana! What tragic news. I have already prayed & will keep them in my prayers. I cannot even begin to imagine what any of them are going through right now, especially Sam. You know he has to be feeling tremendous guilt. Too many times life can change in just the blink of an eye.

Nakia Stewart said...

Prayers do work and I pray right now that God will continue to do His mighty work and heal this young child in the name of the Heavenly Father. I hope this prayer reaches in due time and I really can't fathom to think what this family has been going through. God bless all!!

Life of the Brannen's said...


I sent your pray request on the little boy who was hit with the baseball to all of my prayer warriors. They are asking me every other day for updates. Do you know how he is doing?!

Nakia Stewart said...

No I don't but hopefully he is in God's hands but still keep praying for him.

Anonymous said...

God will take care of all!