John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ellie Bug's 5th Birthday!

Thanks Aunt Aimee Martin for designing the precious shirt for Ellie. She loved it!

Group shot of the girls painting!

Cupcakes! Yay! YUMMY!

She is really focused on that ice-cream!

Since Ellie is very lactose intolerant she doesn't get anything made with milk...especially ice-cream until yesterday when Daddy found lactaid tablets...OMG!! This is the first ice-cream the poor girl has had in three months! She was SO happy!

The S-I-S-T-E-R-S

Our Family - The Pate 7

Barbie Mermaid...Ellie LOVES mermaids!

Snow Cone Maker (electric and so cool...takes seconds to make your own snow biz...thanks Aunt Jill, Mommy will really enjoy the birthday cake snow cones:))

I just love this girl..yum yum..could eat her up

Me and Elizabeth Studinka (wouldn't be a teacher if it wasn't for her...just wouldn't even consider going back to work if I couldn't be attached to her hip:)

Ellie and Audrey Richardson

Nana and the birthday girl!

Mamaw with the birthday girl!

Me and Jill Mullinax (we've only been best friends for 22 years..thats all)

Ellie with her buddies!

Nana entertaining John David (yes, on top of the table, not safe but he loved it..haha)

Papa entertaining James (yes, with a cell phone, because he is seriously obsessed with electronical'll notice more pics of him later with remote controls and cameras)

Ellie and Emma Kate (dancing in the van listening to Aquamarine soundtrack!)

See...I told ya, the boy is smiling only cause he has a tv remote in his hands...James Daniel WILL be my little engineer! Oh yeah, and if the device doesn't work (like an old cell phone or tv remote) he has NOTHING to do with it..only wants the ones that work..y

BIRTHDAYs! Seems like we are celebrating a birthday every weekend at this house..whether it be our own or a friends'...guess that is just what happens when you have as many kids as we do.!Ha!

Anyway, we enjoyed THREE birthdays this weekend. Our own Ellie Bug had her fifth birthday, Ella Mayfield (Jenna's best friend) had her third birthday and Emma Kate Thomas (Ellie's best friend) had her sixth birthday. Our weekend was B-U-S-Y but filled with lots of fun. We also crammed in a ballgame and a sleepover party with another best friend, Kate Mullinax!


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Mika said...

Boy, Ellie sure looks like a Pate! She's got daddy's look and mama's personality! Didnt Jill have braces before in junior high? Love the cup cake flower cake, where'd you get it?