John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And the 5th and final kid....JOHN DAVID!

I will be shocked if this lil dude doesn't grow up and own some type of heavy machinery....bulldozer, tractor, excavator, something with an engine that makes a loud noise. Or a race care, monster truck or motor cycle....John David is obsessed with "riding" his four wheeler/ motorcycle! From the moment he awakes until the sun goes to sleep, he is usually begging to be outside "riding"...He also loves to play Legos. This kid will sit and play Legos for hours. Legos is the only activity he will do on his own for a long extended period of time.

Recently, I walked outside to find him rearranging all of Daddy's pine straw in the back of his truck and pushing his dump truck around filled with his sisters' socks, shoes, headbands, and whatever else garbage he could find in the backyard...

John David doesn't love school like his brother. He doesn't complain about going, but definitely doesn't ask to go all the time like James does. John David says most days, "I gonna stay with my mommy all day, forever and ever because I love my sweet and precious mommy!" He definitely has the "momma's boy" syndrome!

John David loves to EAT...he grazes around the kitchen ALL THE TIME...He loves peanut butter (probably a little too much) and eats it out of a jar at least once a day. We are currently working on instilling in him healthy food habits, because his addiction to sugar is making him (and ME) completely crazy. He wants to eat junk food constantly, so trying to find healthy foods to fill him up is my current challenge. He is a very picky eater, won't hardly do any veggies or meats.

John David loves to watch TV too much...just like a guy, huh! His favorite shows are Little Bear and Jake and Never Land Pirates. He is terrified of witches and scary things, but wants to hear stories about them all the time...He also enjoys playing the Ipad...Umi Zumi is his favorite one. He asks to go to his Mamaw's house and Nana's house at least once a day. Every single time we pass an eighteen wheeler on the road, he asks to fly to his Becky's house in Utah so he can ride "some-pin" (something) at Becky and Rosey's house!

Legos with Momma one morning!


Typical...he ate his whole pancake and  half of his brother's pancake!

Watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates...


Would have eaten every single piece of candy from his bucket if I let him!


Every single morning....either on the patio or in  Mommy's quiet time chair!

Bliss....Krispy Kreme Doughnut~

I am so thankful for John David Pate. Thankful I have a lil boy who loves me so much and wants to hang on my leg when I am cooking dinner, one who wants to whine for chocolate milk after I have told him NO 100 times, thankful for the shouts and screams and stomps when he doesn't get his way, thankful for the pile of pine straw, dirt and rocks he drags into the house (for the 100th time) AND thankful for his need to cuddle with his Momma every single day....AND to hear him say "I love my family and tank-ful (thankful) for my sweet and precious Mommy"....because I know these days are fleeting and one day the quiet house will surely make my heart cry.

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