John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dorothy, Ariel, and Power Rangers

"Super Powers!!!"

Big Momma and Lil Momma...


The Fab Five...ready to go trunk or treat!

Daddy discussing football while the Power Rangers are headed to the first of many trunks of candy!

Funniest part of this picture is knowing the story behind it.....The kids walked up reluctantly, as I said, "Go ahead  guys, he is not real, just stuffed with straw (as I was also grabbing the scarecrows arms and legs)" and then I heard someone say, "He is real Mommy, look!" And sure enough, the scarecrow raised his arm and scared the crap out of me!

too funny....

Best part of Trunk or Treat at our church, other than the pounds of candy we leave with, would be the jumpy inflatables!

Double doubles!

Precious Jenna Kathryn...posing her sweet, innocent smile...LOL!

Ellie Bug

Had to bribe them with Snicker bars here. Told them if they would give me their best picture performance they could have a candy bar!

Exhausted from all the fun...I found them like this in their bed several hours after they went to sleep. 

Halloween morning...Momma's not a costume...just a normal morning for me:-)

Dorothy striking a wicked witch scowl!

I could eat her up...
She said, "You know Ariel likes purple hair too!?"

Little Red Riding Hood....not too big to dress up for some Reese's Cup~!

Nana with her lil monster man...aka...James Daniel!

We had a great Halloween in our new neighborhood. I heard the girls mention several times how "thankful" they were for our new neighborhood because everybody plays and has so much fun on the holidays. I am grateful as well that we have precious friends and loving neighbors to share life together with. I will count my blessings each day, counting them one by one keeps me joyFULL!

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