John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, September 11, 2009

9 Months Old!

Today marks the 9 month milestone in the lives of these precious little miracles... James Daniel and John David Pate! I am still completely in awe of their existence and the remarkable progress they have made since their miraculous birth. An early intervention therapist visited today to check on the boys and was amazed at all they were doing. She (along with many others) commented on how "busy" they seem to be, and also how "vocal" they already are. Both boys are constantly moving. At once upon a time ago, it was mostly James squirming and jerking about. Now, John David has joined the forces and he is just as spastic as James. They are all the time moving and "talking" if not asleep. James has begun using the "m" consonant sound and John David has the "d" sound mastered. John David has also figured out how to "pitch a fit"..seriously it is a different kind of cry and almost an anger in his voice. Quiet funny actually. It makes me proud and feel confirmation that cognitively they are doing well. I see more and more "typical" behaviors each day. My new favorite is the look they give us when we are eating something. They reach out for what we are holding and try to bring it to their mouths. They understand that we are "eating" and they want to do the same. Also, they are moving around on their bellies. Not on all fours yet, but cruising on twos...

A single day will never pass that I don't reflect on the power behind their success. I know without a doubt that the greatness we are witnessing in their lives is from God. He has graciously blessed us with these beautiful, healthy baby boys and I will forever be grateful and thankful.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

It has been a blessing for all of us watching these little boys grow. Sometimes, we all need afirmation, and we certainly have it in the form of James and John David!
Have a great weekend~

Tricia said...

You are so definitely blessed... thanks for sharing yours and their lives with us! You have a beautiful and happy family!!