John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eye exams!

Today we paid a visit to Daddy for eye exams. Jenna and the boys had their first eye exam. They did a wonderful job. James was perfect, didn't fuss at all. John David did well until Rob started looking at his retina (with a ridiculously bright light!~) He did NOT like that light nor did he care for being restrained lying on his back. He kept screaming, "nadada nadadada nadadad!" Sounded so cute, sounded like he was saying no dada, no dada!! The exam was quick and Rob said both boys look outstanding. No problems to report of and they both have the same prescription...(+2 for those of you out there who know what that means, cause I sure don't! haha!!) Here are the pics from the day. Yet again, I am truly thankful to be at home with these precious children this year. I miss teaching but love more than anything spending my days with these babies. I am so amazed at their growth and development.

I can't leave out the "drama" of the day!! It never fails, as soon as I think, "The day has been smooth, no problems!" something happens. Today after a pleasant morning at daddy's office, we leave to go pick up Ellie from her school(she started Bruno's Montessori School) and we were half way there I heard Jenna shout, "Mommy there is something red on my hands...and my dress...any my milkshake...and just everywhere Mommy!" Sure enough the girl had a nose bleed in the back seat of my van (after I had reminded her over and over again to NOT make a mess in the back of the van with the milkshake) I look up in my rearview mirror and see what appears to be a clown face..Like my bestfriend Jill says, "IT IS WHAT IT IS" and seriously that was true. So we stopped, cleaned it up and then were on our way! I had to end up going back to Daddy's office to give him his keys (he and Jenna took my van to get her a milkshake for being such a great little girl.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Dana, don't you just love a little drama in the car!??! Poor thing!
Glad to hear the eye exams went well!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

That would have scared the LIFE out of me! Blood freaks me out (yep, 3 kids here), I probably would have driven straight to the ER and they would have called child services on me and said "this over-reacting hot mess isn't capable of being a Mom" and taken my kids! Or maybe I'm just over-reacting....
I can't believe how big the boys are. They are going to have to start walking soon because you won't be able to carry them much longer!
Take care~ give everyone a hug from Roy and me,

Keri said...

Poor girl! I love how she still smiles while you are taking her picture, even with a nose bleed.