John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pics and 9 month Check UP!

Here are some recent photos...enjoy!

This is just a picture of what my kitchen table looks like on any given evening. Claire working on homework, Jenna working on number puzzle cards, Ellie working on a math game on the computer and James and John David are eating their turkey and fruit medley!

James is so ready to crawl. He can brace himself on all fours but falls as he tries to "take off"...too cute!

This was one Sunday afternoon after church and lunch...happy boys playing in the floor with Claire.

John David helping me clean the kitchen. Because he is rotten and needs to be in my presence, so I propped him on the counter in his bumbo seat while I loaded the dishwasher....what is funny about the picture is that two seconds before this, he was wailing in the floor, but the moment I put him in his bumbo seat, he flipped his "happy switch"...

James Daniel doesn't suck a paci to comfort himself in the middle of a rageful fit, he prefers my boob but that is not very convenient when I am driving so this time he chose his next best favorite...the tag to this bear.

James and John David had their 9 month old check up today. James weighing in at 16.11 pounds and John David weighing in at 18.5 pounds....yes boys and girls, it seems as though these little guys have slowly but surely "caught up"! They are officially "ON THE CHARTS"...even if they are only in the 25%...that is still really good considering they are 10 weeks behind the calendar. They are in the 5% in height and 75% in head circumference (lots a brains..thank you daddy!)and those are the percentiles for "uncorrected age" which means Dr. Darby didn't chart them as their gestational age but their true calendar age. Pretty impressive since most preemie "catch up" between a year or two. We are hopeful and prayerful that these little miracles will continue to defy the odds. I love to brag to everyone who asks about them, what pure miracles their lives are. I never leave out the details of their miraculous journey in the womb as well as since the day of their birth. We have nothing but praises after praises on their health, well-being and development.

They are both sitting up totally without any support, scooting around and "belly crawling", starting to chomp on puffs, eating three meals a day with 5-6 breastfeeding sessions (they don't skimpy on that for sure) which by the way is a pure blessing that my body is still producing and nourishing them...I truly am thankful for the "homemade milk", and they are pitching fits like typical 9 month old babies, and one last thing THEY ARE BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY BOYS!! I told my mother in law on the phone tonight that I fear they are going to be "all boy" as the stereotype goes and a bit on the hyper side...constantly moving. But with that being said, they are good babies. Feed them, burp them, make sure they have slept well, give them lots of toys and they are generally happy. OF the two, John David wins the "spoilt for momma" award this month. He has to face the opposite direction of the kitchen while I am tisk tasking or it is fuss and cry until I get him...usually when he is tired though. James has leveled out more as they have grown but I think he is happier partly due to out growing the reflux that plagued us in the earlier days.

So that is all for now. The little miracle boys that we were all praying so hard for this time last year, are doing better than anyone ever expected. They are healthy, thriving, growing well, developing just right, and like my dad says; full of piss and vinegar!!!

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♥Trina♥ said...

What a pair of cutie pies! Before you know it, James will be cruising all over the place. And John David won't be far behind!

I tried to post about Claire's decision the other day, but I was doing it from my phone, and it wouldn't post. I know you and Rob are so happy for her and proud of her. This is, without a doubt, THE most important decision in her entire life. Congratulations on the "birth" of your daughter.

Take care!