John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, September 3, 2009

a little rant and a pate update

In case you were ever wandering whether or not you should hurry along a mommy of four little bitty kids in a parking lot.....DON'T! This is probably an obvious note of advice but today I was trying to corral my children together while crossing a parking lot (a daily occurrence that looks ridiculous and I always turn heads). A woman (who indefinitely didn't have much patience) almost ran over us. Now I know what you are thinking, "she didn't really almost run over us" but contrary to what you may believe, she did. I looked up as she was trying to turn down the isle we were walking up. Picture this:(Dana holding TWO baby carriers with Jenna in between the carrier and Ellie - holding hands of course. For a split second Ellie let go of Jenna's hand trying to point to a buggy (we were only about 20 feet from the store). I told Ellie to grab Jenna's hand back and stay close to me (at the same time I looked at this lady in the eyes and said "hang on one second, so sorry") and believe me or not, she actually starting turning her wheel swerving at us. I screamed at Ellie to grab my arm and I shoved them all over. The lady frantically turned and went down the next isle all the while looking back at me SCREAMING! Now hang on one second, does that make any sense at all for HER to be screaming at ME?? Oh man, many of you know that my temper is somewhat of my "spec in the eye" if you know what I mean. I was LIVID!!! I was shocked at her ruthless behavior and as bad as I wanted to scream back at her, I didn't...I had little eyes watching me as well as little ears listening. Ellie started screaming crying saying, "Mommy I don't want the car to run over us" Her meltdown could partially be my fault because I have scared my kids to death of parking lots so they will stay close to me as we are crossing. So they are all very cautious of cars in a parking lot. This lady's car tag read LVLADY! I should have called the police. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Other than that drama (since I usually have some type of drama occur daily in my life) we are all doing well. Our house is now officially FOR if you know anyone who wants a really nice 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath home in Chelsea, let us know. We need to be closer to Hoover and we need a couple three more bedrooms or so.... Girls are doing that is. This past week I spent my days as "nurse Dana". Claire had swine flu all week and wouldn't ya know it, Jenna and Ellie both had tummy bugs the same time. John David was B-A-D one day (not sure why, but super grumpy) and if I remember correctly all the girls and John David were crying and whining ALL DAY on Wednesday ....James had a marvelous day and spent way too much time in the exasaucer but that is what happens if you are satisfied there while your mommy is running from one potty to another, and up and down 16 stairs to wipe butts, wipe noses, clear dishes, give Motrin, check temps, turn off lights, get books, reach the crayons, re-fill the water bottles, prepare the snack, wash hands, wash hands and wash hands....a video surveillance would have been funny to watch the three days I played "nurse"!!! So thankful we are all doing much better now.

We had a yard sale today. Lots of fun. Sold a bunch of crap we no longer need. Of course it was A LOT of work for ME! But nonetheless worth the effort to clear out and clean out. Daddy took Claire and Ellie to Auburn for the season opener! War Eagle!! They had a blast: ate junk food all day (cause that's what daddy's let their kids do when mommy is not around), got their faces painted, went on the field during warm ups and got to see the Eagle land on the field right before kick off, and even got to visit the Leard Family. Ben Leard played football with Rob back in the day (he was the handsome quarterback that everyone got confused with Rob) Ben and Melanie have three beautiful little girls and our girls love to play with them. What great fun and special memories they made with their Daddy today. What a great guy...took his little girls to Auburn instead of choosing guy friends to go with.

If you need someone to pray for, please remember Riley from Utah. She is really struggling and her mom has lost her job. This family is precious. This sweet baby girl is adorable and is seriously dying of cancer. Claire is raising money for Riley. She is calling her campaign "Raising for Riley". At the yard sale she sold cookies and lemonade and her stuffed animals. All the money she raised is going to Riley. We are sending her the stuffed animals that didn't sell as well. We pray for her daily. Please join us and pray for her as well. God is such a mega powerful God that has total control of all! We boldly pray each night for God's power to heal her and bless her life with a miracle.

Update on my friend Mika. She is going Tuesday to have the cerclage removed. Which means baby Luke will make his grand entrance into this world VERY SOON! We are all still praying daily for Mika to make it a little longer (at least another two weeks) but WOW what a PRAISE to witness the goodness of God through Mika and all she has been through.

Thank you all for your loving prayers and support of our family. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day. We are headed to Tuscaloosa to celebrate a very special friend's birthday. Braylin Martin is 9 years old. Looking forward to a fun time with friends.



Betty said...

Do you already have a specific place in mind in Hoover? I would suggest Indian Valley/Heatherwood. Close to Hoover, and great schools (so I hear). And close to/on a lake. We have loved it so far!

lamarshall said...

I just love making baby food. All we have done is carrots so far, and I am going to make some butternut squash tommorow! I can only imagine how you felt in the parking lot. I almost got run over when I was about 8 mths preggo and even now I give people a very "mean" look when I have Abby and they are in such a hurry.