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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What-a weekend!!

We had a fabulous weekend together. Friday I took Jenna to the zoo for her special "date" with mommy. The weather was gorgeous and we didn't have a single problem (which is a rarity). The boys were awesome and Jenna was perfect. Just a blessed day from the Lord and I thank HIM for it. Then Friday night, it was Ellie's special "date" with mommy. She chose to eat dinner at IHOP and get her finger nails painted at Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart because I needed to get milk and cereal too so why not knock out two birds with one stone, right?! We had a fabulous time together, just the two of us. She felt so special to be able to have Mommy all to herself. I too really enjoyed listening to her tell me all about her fabulous school (Brunos Montessori) and everything that rates as a "favorite" in her little four year old world...It is the simple things that the kids enjoy when they get a special day with just mommy or daddy by themselves. Ellie got to put the groceries in the buggy and help "checkout" all by herself when we were at Wal-Mart..whereas she usually has to "take turns" with other sisters. On the way home that night, she thanked me several times for taking her to eat pancakes by herself and coloring with her at IHOP (while we waited for our food).

Then Saturday we spent the evening with Papa and Mamaw eating a yummy roast dinner and watching Auburn whip up on Ball State. Well actually the men watched Auburn...Mamaw and I were running the daycare. She and I were tending to SIX kiddos. Our five children and my precious nephew Sam. Lots of fun and lots of noise!! The girls piled up in Mamaw's bed and watched Little Mermaid while the Auburn game lasted til after 9:30. They loved it!

Lastly, Sunday after church and naptime (we don't miss nap at our house EVER), we went to the AL State Fair...thank you Mamaw for taking us out for a night of TONS A FUN! Claire and Mamaw rode just about every ride TWICE while me and Rob took the little ones around. Papa worked his way around with the little ones and then back to Claire and Mamaw at the night's end. That is why I only have one picture of Claire from the fair...she stayed with Mamaw most of the night. I am thankful they had their special time together. Claire has to share grandparents all the time with her little sisters and brothers whereas once upon a 4 years ago it was just her and only her. In a matter of four years her grandparents now have FIVE more grandkids to shower with love and attention so I know she thoroughly enjoyed her time with Mamaw and Papa ALL BY HERSELF. Ellie and Jenna had a blast riding all the kiddie rides. They enjoyed a BIG ice cream cone and even got to win two big blow up dolphins because Rob and I did the "guess your weight" and won...The guy said he thought Rob weighed 245lbs...hahahah...he actually weighs 215. So the little girls had a blast as well and the boys just got a super long ride in the stroller.

Jenna and Ellie having ice cream cones at the fair...

Mommy and John David watching Ellie and Jenna on the airplanes.

Papa and Jenna watching the monkey show..

Daddy and Jenna riding the tea cups...

Jenna riding the "blue fish"...

Claire and Ellie riding the rollar coaster..

Boys enjoying their juice cups as they strolled around the fair grounds...

Watching Football with Daddy...

(their shirts say, "watching ESPN with my Daddy!"

Ellie's Date Night with Mommy

She is posing with her Hershey bar here. I told her she could eat the whole candy bar all by herself and she gave me this look! Usually when we get a candy bar grocery shopping, all the girls have to share this time it was all Ellie's and she was SO happy!

Ellie getting her nails done (at the Wal-Mart salon..haha) for her "special night"...

Elllie chose IHOP for her special date night dinner...her choice...go figure!

The girl LOVES pancakes..


She is so proud to be the big sister when Claire and Ellie are at school. We had such a great time together. I am very grateful to be able to share this special time being home this year with her.

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♥Trina♥ said...

Cute pictures! I bet Rob's legs were SO cramped in the teacup ride. LOL