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Friday, September 18, 2009

Just some random thoughts I don't want to forget....

Random thoughts of the day....

Each morning I am able to enjoy a cup of coffee and make pancakes with my sweet Jenna, I thank God for the opportunity.

I love my days with Jenna and the boys. Watching Jenna learn and explore life each day brings such joy to my heart. I have to focus on the sweet moments with her so I don't lose my mind when she is having one of her "two year old" meltdowns. Being able to see the boys' smiles and laughs each day and each new milestone along the way is PRICELESS...wouldn't trade this time for any amount of money.

When I have the chance to read 20 books to Jenna in our "favorite reading spot" and she says, "one more time mommy" I beam!

Nursing the boys together is such a blessing that I realize not everyone gets the chance to experience so I savor it each and every single time.

My heart is filled to the tip tip top with admiration for my husband, I am grateful beyond words that God chose Rob to be my prince here on Earth and to share this "life" HE has so undeservedly blessed us with.

My Claire Bear is growing up so fast. She is such a beautiful girl with such a tender spirit. I love her so much.

My Ellie Bug is growing into such a big girl. She has a love of learning, nature, FOOD, and everything in between. She has turned out to be such a unique little girl and I love her so much.

My Jenna Boo keeps me entertained ALL day. She is remarkably smart following after her two big sisters. I am thankful she is transitioning out of the "terrible twos":) I love her so much.

My precious little miracle baby boys, I want to cry daily at the remarkable growth that has taken place in your lives over the past 9 months. I stand amazed! I am infatuated with you both and just can't get enough snuggle loves from yall each day.

Thank you Father God for the life you have designed for me. My heart is so grateful. I am humbled in such a mighty way for the course you have led me. Thank you for the immeasurable amount of love and grace you pour onto our family daily. I desire to honor you in all that I do all the days of my life.

I know that was all really random, just wanted to document some thoughts I had today.

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

What a sweet heartfelt, raw and honest.
I had such a good, albiet short, time with Ellie and Jenna on Tuesday. They are so full of life and you just can't help but smile when you're around them!
You and Rob are amazing parents. Yes, you have amazing children, but it starts at home.You have every right to be proud!!!
Give them all a hug from us~