John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Road Trip of Summer...AUBURN!

Our first road trip of the summer was great fun! We spent the entire day in Auburn visiting with friends. I really enjoyed spending time with my old friends from Auburn and it was nice for the girls to get the chance to play together. Valerie, my dearest friend I taught with at Dean Road in Auburn, has three girls as well, so when we get together our girls play together. Funny thing is that her first daughter and my first daughter are very much alike and our second girls are also very similar in personality. I miss her so much and I am grateful we have remained friends after all these years.

Ellie and Jenna playing with Kassie...three peas in a pod! They are all so much alike...vivacious and bursting with energy.

We stopped by Dean Road Elementary School to visit some wonderful friends. Dean Road was my first school to teach at 7 years ago. I miss Dean Road and all of the incredible people who work there. I am thankful to still have friendships with many of them. They have been so supportive of me and my family over the years.

We stopped at Toomer's Corner to have ice-cream. I was asked by another customer if all of my children were "mine"..I kindly replied YES! I was temped to say something like, "No I just figured I'd pick me up some kids outside and offer to feed them some ice-cream...!"


I really hope one day I have this same picture posed in front of Samford Hall as each of my children graduate from Auburn University!

I was VERY tired and ready to be home, decided to stop (briefly) at the Shell station to feed James because he was screaming. Of course stopping the van made John David wake up and begin his tyrant rage as well. So I decided to go ahead and feed both of them. As James was finishing up he let out a rip that sounded like a volcanic explosion (never a good sound...) Sure enough he had a blow out! Pooped ALL up his back!

Best part was when I was changing him in the front seat and there just wasn't an easy way to take off his onesie without pulling it over his head, which then smeared crap all over his head and face, all the while he was kicking and smiling- happy as could be!

End of the trip...almost home! ALL SMILES.


Missy said...

Dana, Looks like you all had a great time! Love the poopy picture!

Brooke said...

Love the pics in front of Samford and the AU sign. Also love the "when each of my kids graduates from Auburn University." (no pressure). The poop up the back we know too well... hilarious :) Congrats on your first road trip -I'm impressed! We're going to the beach in 2 months and I'm already dreading the drive! Good to hear from you - your family is just precious!!!

♥Trina♥ said...

I really think you should have told the lady in Toomer's that none of the kids were yours. That made me laugh. There ARE times when I've wondered to myself if "all of those kids belong to" him/her/them, but I would never ask.

We were in the Galleria one day and saw the Harris family with ALL their toddlers (at the time.) I was amazed at how organized and calm they all were. I know you're the same way. :)

Glad y'all had a fun, safe trip. Maybe the trip to Utah won't be bad at all.

Tricia said...

I remember those poop up the back days... no fun at all! So glad you had a fun day!


Amber said...

War Eagle Dana!!! Auburn is always a great trip no matter what it is for!!! :) Looks like a great time was had by all!