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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend fun- Family Memories FOREVER!

Pack em up, load em up and LET'S GO! Seems to be the daily norm now. It seems to be getting easier to just load up and go places now. Could be that I have gotten over my overwhelming need to have everything in perfect working order and having it MY WAY! I do still have the occasional OCD break down when I can't see the washing machine from the piles of laundry surrounding it. Or maybe just that our kids have adjusted to the "new life" of having a larger family which comes with it more responsibility. I also think they understand their individual roles in our family and how important each family members' help is. We had a fun filled weekend. Lots of wonderful family time. We didn't have any big, grand plans for the weekend. We played outside, went shoe shopping for Daddy, ate dinner out at Jason's Deli, got Ellie's ears pierced, went to church, had a family gathering at Mamaw and Papa's house, took the brood swimming, and Daddy insisted on Moe's for dinner Monday night! Fun family memorable weekend and I am so thankful for all of it. The memories we make with our children will last a lifetime. Here are the pics from the weekend.

Girls swimming with Daddy. In this picture, notice Jenna is wearing floaties AND wearing a float ring. She was all over the pool, as long as she had on her floaties and "butterfly" float ring.

Not sure if you can see their shirt in this picture or not, but they say "I watch ESPN with my daddy!"

The boys slept while the girls swam with Daddy.

So these boys are EATING like crazy. I still nurse them 6 times a day but they have started cereal and fruit at night too. Tonight we gave them a try at prunes and boy did they eat it up. Here is some video of them eating their prunes...too cute!

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Kerrie said...

Did you buy the ESPN shirts at the BAMOM sale this year? If so, I am the one that sold them! I have twin girls that are almost 6 and I bought those shirts at an outlet in Florida before we knew if we were having girls or boys!

Kerrie McNeal