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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy DAYS!

Boy have we been busy. The summer has come to a close. Claire Bear started third grade today (just doesn't seem possible, where does the time go?) We ended our summer with a pool party and hair cuts. The girls all had their hair cuts together. It was really sweet to see them wait and watch for one another. They went in order, Claire, Ellie and then Jenna. Funny side note, don't tell a two year old she is going to get a hair "cut" , instead use the term "trim" because the word CUT makes them think it is going to hurt like a "cut". All is well here. The boys start physical therapy tomorrow and I am really excited to seem what physical therapy will do for them. They are physically about the strength of a 6 month old, but should be at 8 month old status. So we need to catch them up. Here are some pics from last week.

Ellie enjoying her BBQ sandwhich at the Eye Care Associates swim party!

Boys hanging out by the pool.

Claire and Daddy playing cheerleader!

James trying out his big boy cup..look how big his foot is...haha!

Ellie creating her "world of art" at the kitchen table. I actually think she was in "time out" here. But it just shows how happy art makes her. She is definitely going to be our "right brained" child.

Jenna having book time (she does this independently and it works wonderfully when we are what I call "DONE" (meaning, no more stimulation or interaction with each other while mommy cooks supper and puts the house back together again after two creative little girls have destroyed it!)

Boys practicing their waving. I caught James doing it here. Too cute. They just make big arm motions but are definitely "figuring" it out. I also love the thing 1 and thing2 outfits they have on in this picture.

Here is a picture of James having his typical "blow out"...this happens daily. Usually in the bumbo seat or car seat...something that allows me to have to wash not only him but a piece of baby equipment too. Oh yea, this also happens at the most perfect time, when we are about to walk out the door or two seconds after I have changed them both!!!!

Just two precious boys on my bed having tummy time. Laughing at Ellie!

Jenna getting her first hair cut. She was totally quiet...very nervous about the "cutting" part, She kept saying "hers not gonna cut me"...

Ellie after her hair "trim"

Claire after her hair "trim"..she wanted it really short and I wanted to grow it back out really long, so we both compromised and went for mid length (called it short-long hair...ahah!)

All Five of my precious children!!!

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Amy said...

I love the boots in the middle of the summer!!!