John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, August 31, 2009


These little monsters are growing like crazy. First of all they have graduated to the bottom of their pack and play. I know what you are thinking?!?! "She still has them in the pack and play!!??" Yes, as a matter of fact I still have them sleeping across my room in the pack and play. They sleep so wonderfully together. I have decided that when it is time to move them upstairs Rob is going to have to do the honors because I just can't bare to think of doing it. I had no problems putting the girls in their cribs and leaving them all night, but something just won't allow me to go through with it with the boys.. Call me psycho! I don't really care. They are my babies and I am entitled to do it how I see fit...RIGHT?!?!?!

They are developing so well. We are just incredibly thankful for their good health and physical and mental development. I won't lie, I was always so worried about their cognitive health at the beginning. I mean seriously think about all they have been through and the thought of having some major mental problems is scary. However, they seem to be developing just beautifully. Both boys now reach for you when they want you to pick them up. And for sure they squeal an extremely loud, major ticked off scream when you walk away from them if they intended on you picking them up. They recognize loved ones from strangers easily now. Both boys are exploring objects with their hands and "figuring out" things with their hands. They are very vocal babbling the vowel sounds and even some consonant sounds (that is really important in their speech development). They definitely know what the spoon and baby food jar mean and show excitement when they see either one. The therapist that came to the house not so long ago asked me if they were holding their own bottle? I told her I wasn't sure because I exclusively breastfeed, but they do grab hold of my boob with both hands and hold on for dear life without any problems...she laughed and said that "counted"!! They are eating about 6 EXPENSIVE jars of baby food each day (won't be long before we start grinding up some table food!) We have even given them their first table food...they went nutso for it..any guesses as to what it was??? Cold, creamy, sweet and mommy is totally addicted to it.....ICE CREAM!

It just seems that both boys have taken a big turn developmentally and I am so thankful for their growth. I just wanted to share with everyone the good news of growth and thank you for your continued prayers for our family. I still receive e-mails from loved ones expressing their support in prayer for us and I am so grateful for it. I know that God has orchestrated all of this in His own time and purpose. I still look back at pictures from last year and think to myself, "Was that really me living that unbelievable time?" It is all so surreal. I guess for those of you who have been through a major life ordeal (a time of terror and elation is how I'd like to put it) it doesn't surprise you to look in hind sight and think "wow, was that really me?" I am approached by people all the time that ask me "How did I manage not to go crazy" and "How do I handle my life now" and I always tell them the answer is quite easy....I didn't go crazy because I had a firm foundation in Christ that took the burden of worry and agony from me and I handle my days now with pure joy for being given the opportunity to love and nurture, teach and mold five extraordinary lives that GOD has entrusted to Rob and can I not find pure joy in that.

Those of you who feel weary and worn out, those of you who feel panicked and pained or for those of you who feel defeated or depressed...Christ has felt it all and he will gladly take it again for you as he already has when he suffered and died for you. Give him your burdens, surrender to him and he will do immeasurable things in your life.

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