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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recipe for Weight LOSS!

Yes, I know a little odd to post something on "losing weight" but it is a HOT topic!
I am approached with this question EVERY SINGLE DAY! "What do you don't look like you have had 5 children"...Okay so I will admit that I am proud to be back in my pre pregnant (pre before ANY of my children were born) jeans! I am proud because it is ALOT OF HARD WORK and of course DEDICATION. I will give you my tips and probably a little "ranting" as well. But so many of you asked for it so here goes:
1. NO MORE EXCUSES! You can't give me any excuse that I will accept! I have gone from total bed rest to running a half marathon in 3 months. I have FIVE kids to take care of daily. I have four small kids that can't be left unattended. I have been 40 pounds heavier and not able to WALK a mile. Now I run 6 miles a day and don't usually start sweating until mile 3! I don't have time either...blah blah!! Early morning, late afternoon, before bedtime..whatever it takes I make sure to get the miles in! I have bone spurs, aching knees, broken tail bone, blood clots, blah blah! If you can't run or walk, swim! Exercise MUST be a part of your recipe or it just AINT gonna work...
2. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! DO NOT eat greasy fast is nasty and totally unhealthy for you. If we eat out (which is not often) I choose the HEALTHY options. Ribs, fries and sodas are NOT a choice. I will go to a gas station and eat a protein bar and bag of tortilla chips with a Propel before eating that! I always ask for dressing in low cal or on the side, I choose to eat MORE GOOD foods and LESS BAD foods. So basically eat a BIG salad with low cal dressing and eat HALF of the burger or sandwich!
4. EAT MORE THAN THREE TIMES a day. I always try to eat something every three hours so I don't end up starving and overeating.
5. EXERCISE! I run everyday! This is a big one because the excuse over used on a daily basis is "I just can't find the time!" Well you might be mad at me for saying it...but "WHATEVER"! I have FIVE small kids. FOUR of them are with me ALL the time. 24 hours 7 days a week! If I can find the can you. Granted I don't "work" outside of the home right now, but I did two years ago and actually trained to run a full marathon EVERY AFTERNOON AFTER work. I am not trying to sugar coat it and say working out is easy and if you don't, it is your fault...what I AM TRYING TO SAY IS WORKING OUT IS HARD WORK AND IF YOU DON'T DO IT, IT IS YOUR FAULT!!! Running/walking/swimming/whatever you do to get your heart rate up for at least 20-30 min. should be part of your day like brushing your teeth! You don't wake up and try to figure out if you "HAVE THE TIME" to brush your teeth or decide if you "FEEL LIKE IT" Exercise should be the same way...not an option IF you will do it, only WHEN you will do it!!!!

Ask for support. Encourage your husband, friend, sister, brother, neighbor to join the bandwagon with you. This "change" is not for a month or is for the rest of your life. Start making small steps and as you become more successful with your healthy eating and exercise, treat yourself. I use the first of each month as my "treat myself to a treat". Pick any ONE splurge and enjoy it guilt free because you have worked hard and deserve to indulge...careful to notice I said ONE splurge. Don't convince yourself that since you indulged that one time you should just start over NEXT MONTH! No way, remember it takes 3500 calories to gain/lose a pound of fat. So whether you take in 3500 less calories or burn off 3500 calories, that is how many calories = one pound of fat!!!

There is my top 5 on shedding those extra pounds. I have a ton more tips but won't bore you with them. I have been pregnant four times and have lost baby weight four times now. You have to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle and body type. But for me, I am an advocate of exercise and living a healthy, active lifestyle. Those of you who read this and are young moms raising a family, YOU get to decide what your family eats for dinner. It is just as much effort preparing good healthy food as it is to prepare unhealthy food (a.k.a. garbage food!). Your children are forming habits now that will last their life. Teach them healhty ways to enjoy yummy food and fun ways to be active so they live a strong, healthy lifestyle. Our country is pathetically obese and it is really sad to see the children fall subject to the statistics when ultimately it is Moms and Dads that are responsible for nourishing their children.

The fad diets don't work. Counting carbs and sugars and eating a ridiculous amount of protein DOESN'T work! Starving yourself DOESN'T work! Slim Fast DOESN'T work!

I would love to be a "buddy" for anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle and becoming serious about losing weight and becoming strong physically, mentally and spiritually!

Best part of losing weight and changing your lifestyle is once you have successfully done it, maintaining it is really easy. Speaking of maintaining...once you increase your cardio regimen and run/walk more, you can't go below that number. Example,if you have always run 2 miles and you decide to up it to 2.2 miles, you have proven to yourself that you can do it and now you can't go back to 1 mile or even 2 miles. Always run.walk to you last best time!


Keith and Jamie said...

Thanks for the "Tough love"! We are is hard, but you are so is up to us to set a healthy example for our kids. I want to be the best mom, but you are right...being the best mom is setting the best example! Thanks...

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

You are so right Dana! I am the worst goal setter in the world but I am trying! I have been jogging/walking 2 -3 miles every night. (I even pushed the girls last night in their stroller - 64 lbs. when I walked!)
Now, my eating must improve.
Thanks for your wonderful words of advice!

Brooke said...

We've got the eating thing right, now I just need to COMMIT to the exercise! Thanks for the words of advice and the "NO EXCUSES!" (although, I was up 4 times last night, and Adam is now on multiple daily breathing treatments, etc.... do you hear me??? EXCUSES galore! :)

I'll keep you posted on the progress... thanks for the inspiration!


Tricia said...

You are right! It has to be a priority... really once you start exercising your will begin to feel better and you will want to continue! Keep up the hard work!

It was good to see you at the sale!


Betty said...

Dana, I found your blog through the NICU. I was a pharmacy student rotating through there right after your boys were born and up until a few days after they went home. I saw your blog address on one of the drawing above their cribs. Where in Bham do you run? Lately I have been running though my neighborhood (Indian Valley off Valleydale) but would like to try a change of scenery. I still don't know my way around the city very well yet. Thank you!

Mika said...

AND you do all that and still have time to make my family supper with fixings and desert! Thanks so much for all you have done for our family. I'll need to look back at this posting for motivation once I'm back doing my turbo kick, cardio, and pilates classes! Love you!