John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, August 7, 2009


John David on the left and James on the right!

John David on the left and James on the right!

Too funny, John David being LAZY, just as happy laying down. James pitches a fit to sit up and doesn't like to lay on his back..James wants to see all that is going on (from a vertical position)!!!

James Daniel

John David

These precious boys keep us laughing daily. I LOVE watching them grow and change weekly. This week James has started puckering his lips blowing spit bubbles. James has also found his hands. He will watch his hands grab at an object. Too cute. He tried to wave this morning when I was showing him how to wave bye bye...seriously he looked at my hand and then made eye contact and then looked back at my hand and then looked at his was a precious moment. John David (Mr. Laid Back) is able to fall asleep anywhere at anytime. The boys sleeps way more than James. And James eats way more than John David. Some days I nurse James an extra feeding before supper time. Both boys are sitting up by themselves with a boppy pillow. They both still hate their tummy time. Getting cuter by the day. Eyelashes are thickening and growing. Still bald and waiting for hair to grow in. Eating 5-6 jars of size two baby food a day. Today they had Chicken Mango Risotto (I kid you not, I found it at Publix) They eat better than I do...

Just wanted to post some pics from tonight as they were playing in the floor. Hope everyone is doing well. We are praising God for healthy happy, growing baby boys!

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Keith and Jamie said...

They are too Beautiful!!! God is amazing and you can see Him in their Faces!!