John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another great report!

We had another great day. Thank you God for the continued growth of these babies. John David is up to alternating his OG tube feeds with breast/bottle feeds. He is getting half of his feeds from breast and bottle. James is not far behind him. He is up to 30cc (which is 1 ounce) on each of his feeds and is up to three bottle/breast feeds each day. James weighs 3.4 now and John David is up to 3.9 and they are holding their temperatures well also.

Both boys had eye exams today to check for ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) Basically looking to see if the boys have any damage to the blood vessels in the eye due to excessive amounts of oxygen. The doctor reported that everything looked great in both boys. NO PROBLEMS as of right now. They will re-check in 3 weeks for development of the eyes to make sure all is normal. What a mighty praise for our GOD! He is so Faithful in seeing these boys through. I am completely amazed at how much they have grown and developed in just four weeks.

Also, they were both breathing on 21%-25% oxygen today...REALLY important to wean them off the oxygen. They are getting stronger and stronger each day and breathing better. I remember specifically asking for prayer for them to become strong enough to not need that oxygen so much. Thank you for the prayer, God continues to hear us and so graciously answer us.

I am so proud to share what God has done with these incredibly little miracles. I was able to share with their nurses today the story of their lives.

My dad and step mom are leaving on Sunday to fly back home to Utah. I am going to be a sad little puppy when they leave. Not to mention three little girls who will be equally sad, and a husband that is going to miss them as well. They have been so incredibly helpful the past two weeks. Tonight, my mother-in-law kept the kids for us so we could enjoy dinner together with Dad and Rosie. We had authentic Italian at La Dolce Vita, one of my most favorite restaurants in B'ham. We had a really enjoyable time together. I am very thankful for the love and support from my family. Anybody that puts up with me right now deserves a HUGE thank you! So, Dad and Rosie, from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!!!!

Tonight at dinner, we were reminiscing about when we found out I was pregnant (all FIVE times) and the shock of each one. Of course none as shocking as the fifth and final one, but the memory of the miscarriage came back, and Rob asked me if I though the reason we had two babies this time was because we lost one...He spoke my thoughts exactly! I of course said yes, I think of it all the time! God truly is miraculous in HIS ways. Sometimes we don't see HIS work or HIS hand until we see it after He has carried us through the storm.

I received an e-mail from an old college friend today, her name is Brooke. She and her husband had twin boys on Dec. 26th. They were 29 weeks and one baby weigh 3 lb. and the other one weighed 1 lb. They are the Coyle twins. Please add them to your daily prayer list. Brooke and I are walking in very similar shoes right now and I know she would appreciate prayer for her boys. They had twin to twin transfusion so the boys were taken early. There names are Adam and John. Her blog site if you are interested is and we have very similar stories.

I am off to bed now, turning in a bit earlier tonight...10:35!

I will try and video the boys tomorrow or Sunday and post it by Monday. Please keep our boys in your daily prayers. Praying for immeasurable strength and growth. Healthy and well. Thank you so very much, really and truly it means so much to our family.

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Sara said...

The good report is great news! We're so happy for their progress! Let me know an email address to send an invite to, as we're unfortunately having to make our blog "private." Keep us posted on the twins' progress!