John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, January 23, 2009

Change of Plans!

Well, the boys were due to come home Sunday but it seems that those plans have changed now. On my last post I mentioned that the doctors wanted to send them home TODAY, FRIDAY! I questioned whether it was okay to do that since they had not been off their oxygen a full 7 days. SO they changed the original day from Friday to Sunday. The night after we discussed this, John David was struggling a little bit with his oxygen saturation and they finally decided around midnight to give him some oxygen in his nasal cannula. He only needed it for about an hour. Since then, he has done well and not needed it anymore. We discussed it with Dr. Mena last night and he told us one of four things could have caused his "distress". 1. A big booger that was blocking his ability to breath freely (since babies this tiny are nose breathers), 2. He misses his caffeine (the caffeine they have been off for 10 days), 3. REFLUX (causing him to hold his breath when he has spells after he eats), or 4. Infection (which I pray it is not!) They will monitor him closely today and tomorrow and if he does well without any spells through the weekend, they will both come home Monday or Tuesday. If John David requires any more oxygen, they will begin testing him for reflux, possibly infection, or may stimulate him with some caffeine. Any of that would keep him in the hospital longer though. James will be coming home without his little brother because there is not a reason to keep him there any longer (unless him gives them reason to)!

I want them to come home, when they are strong enough and ready to come home. I don't want to rush a home coming, only to turn around and end up back at the hospital. I am so thankful they are doing well, and I want them to be home for the sake of the millions of germs they are exposed to each day in the hospital. However, if there is any reason they are not ready to come home (especially due to BREATHING!!!) I am okay with them staying there a few more days than originally planned. Back when they were born, I was told not to expect them home until end of Feb. and that is 5 weeks away. I am amazed at how well they have done and know that God has allowed it all. I of course give Him all the credit in their progress.

I miss them so much and it is so hard to leave them each time I visit now that they are in a crib without wires and tubes everywhere. I long to hold and snuggle with them. I feel that I have not had the opportunity to truly "bond" with them. I know the time will come, I am trying to patient and content with all that is going on, but it is hard.

Please be in prayer for John David to do well over the next several days and for James to continue to grow and thrive well also so both boys can come home together Monday or Tuesday.

James weighs 4 lb 2 oz now and John David is 4 lb 8 oz. It is incredible to think of how far they have come in 6 weeks.

Thank you for your prayers each day. They mean so much. I spoke with Sally Youngblood yesterday at school and she praised God for all of our answered prayers. I told her I truly believed our miracles were prayed into this world. God revealed Himself to so many people through our journey with these babies. I thank her and the rest of my friends for your witness and faith you share daily.

BABY SHOWER!!! I am so excited about the boys' shower tomorrow. Many of my dear friends have asked about bringing kids. You are asking a mom of 5 KIDS if she cares about having KIDS at her baby shower...Ha Ha! Are you kidding...of course I don't care. I am looking forward to seeing all of my family and friends tomorrow as we celebrate the lives of these miracle babies!


Missy said...

Hey! You have a great mindset on them coming home. And I know what you mean - you want them home but in no way is it worth having them come home and then have to go back to the hospital.
Our girls has acid reflux (which is very common in preemies) and they outgrew it by the time they were 9mos. It sounds upbeat that he just needed it for an hour. I will definitely keep you all in our prayers.
We will not be able to make the shower (and I wish we could I would love to meet you face to face!) but we have a very close friend's birthday party at the same time.
Have a good time (I know you will!)
God Bless!

Brooke said...

Dana - I know that is so hard to have in your head one thing... and then things don't go according to plan, but that is life in the NICU... They will be home soon enough - when they are ready & able to do everything on their own. You have a great attitude! I keep reminding myself daily (hourly) to have a similar attitude. Your boys are precious. Enjoy your shower tomorrow!
love & prayers,