John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Monday, January 12, 2009


Just wanted to ask everyone to be in prayer this morning for our boys. They will both have brain scans. The nurse told me late last night that the doctor wanted to have them done because it has been two weeks since the last one.

Also, I would like to ask for prayer for a friend I met in the NICU Thursday. Her name is Katie, she had an emergency c-section and delivered 28 week twin girls. I saw her on Friday after she delivered and the babies were doing well. However, last night I went to the hospital at 8:00 to feed the boys and as soon as I arrived they closed the unit down, apparently one of her twins, Libby, had a brain hemorrhage and was near death. I passed them walking down the hall toward the NICU with eyes filled with tears. It didn't take me long to wipe my tears away for not being able to see my boys yesterday, when I realized it was Katie who was on her way to possibly say good bye to her baby girl. My tears of pity and aggravation for myself then turned into compassion and empathy for her and her family. So, if you don't mind, please remember her today in your thoughts and ask God to hold her close because I know she needs to feel HIS presence today.

Thank you for all the prayers you have lifted up for our boys. They are doing well and we are appreciate you.



roy/elisabeth dean said...

We will definately say a prayer for Katie and her baby girl today, please keep us posted.
Don't let yourself feel guilty for 1 minute. You are the least selfish person I have ever known. You are doing an amazing job of taking care of 6 people and yourself and have never let your faith waiver! There is a reason God chose you to bring these boys here~
Love you, Elisabeth

JOY said...

Hi i came across your blog about ur precious boys thru a son Gunnar was born @ 25 weeks, was only 1 lb.15 oz. .he was at brookwood, where i assume ur boys are.. since their doctors are dr strange and dr. dicarlo(we love them)i kn ow first hand how heart wrenching prematurity can be. Gunnar is now 5 years old and doing incredible!!!! i just wanted to let u know God is good and to tell u about our blessing thru Gunnar.ur boys r in great hands @ brookwood.i pray ur boys will grow and thrive and be home soon.all the staff @ brookwood remember Gunnar, mention his name and i'm sure they will all tell u about the lil prince under the clock(thats what dr.strange called him)if u need someone to talk to or any advice on bringing a preemie home ill b more than happy to talk. Gunnar went home on oxygen and was on it for 8 months and now is 50 lbs and a great big healthy blessing... hang in there girl... MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND UR LIL MIRACLES!!! U CAN EMAIL ME @ if u need to talk ill email u my #