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Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Day Home!

What makes the NICU experience worth it, two babies on a 4 hour schedule like alarm clocks. These boys eat, poop, and sleep at the same time every four hours. It they are due to eat at 1:00, they are in a deep sleep at 12:55 but at 12:59, eyes open and mouths start rooting around. I was actually able to pick up my house, vacuum the kitchen floor, make chicken salad, take a nap and fold some laundry; only because I scheduled it between feeding times. Rob had a meeting tonight until about 9:00 so his mom and dad and big brother (uncle David) came over at supper time to help out with the chaos. I would have to say on the Pate scale of chaos, I would rank this afternoon fairly low, maybe a 3! I definitely see the need to have extra hands between the hours of 4-6. Supper was easy tonight...pre-heat oven, unwrap foil on casserole dish, place casserole dish in oven, listen for the timer, dish out, eat, toss in the sink! Thanks Susie for bringing supper. I know it was a sacrifice of your time and energy, but the Pates loved your chicken spaghetti and I seriously appreciated it. So, I have to say for the first day, so far so good with the boys home. They are super precious, Claire is completely obsessed and I can't say I blame her... I am too!

We begin the plether of doctor's appointments next week. So I am going to ask you guys to remember our boys in your prayers. Both boys have hernias and will see a pediatric surgeon next week to discuss prognosis and treatment, probably surgery. Dr. Darby will get to meet these little guys next week as well for check ups, blood work, developmental check. We also have eye exams (not by Daddy though) Dr. Mets will re-evaluate their retinas for the condition that causes blindness and vision problems in premature babies. The first exam in the hospital looked good so we are praying for a "status quo" exam from him. Thank you for your prayers. We love you all and appreciate you so much.



Missy said...

Dana, Keeping you all in our prayers. Our girls had hernias too but they grew & they corrected themselves on their own. I pray that happens. I totally agree with you on NICU's 4 hour schedule. I have always held tight on the girls schedule because it just worked. Bless the NICU for such a wonderful schedule!

Tricia said...

So glad to hear that your first day home went so well! And I agree, having them on the schedule when they come home does wonders for the mom!!

And FYI, my boys still poop at the same time!! I do not understand it but they do, one in the bathroom upstairs and the other in the bathroom downstairs!! It is too funny!

We will continue to pray!