John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heavy Heart

I am so thankful to be feeling better today after my 24 hour fever virus, however, as I entered the NICU today to feed our growing boys, I noticed the NICU was missing one tiny baby girl. Precious baby Libby did not recover from her brain bleed and she passed away. I don't have details, doesn't really matter. What matters is that there is a grieving mommy and daddy at home alone tonight mourning the death of their baby girl Libby and worrying about the future health of their other twin, Maggie. I ask that you please pause from reading this blog for just a moment and pray for a peace that only God can give to Katie and Taylor as they endure this storm they are in right now.

If you have any words you would like to share with Katie and Taylor, please do me a huge favor and e-mail them to me at
I have shared with them that I asked my blogger buddies and prayer warriors to remember them in prayer each day. They seemed appreciative and I know they need it. Thank you for being servants of the Lord and sharing your faith and testimonies with them. I really feel led to share with them. They need to hear from God's people!

Next, the doctors and nurses. I don't even have the words to describe how amazing these doctors and nurses are that take care of James and John David each day. I truly feel God's presence there in that NICU. Annette was our nurse again today. She is so great with the boys and treats them like they are hers. She is concerned with their well being. She gets excited when they do well, she gets nervous when they don't. She even teared up today as I was breastfeeding John David. Heather is our weekend night nurse and she is so compassionate and caring. Always takes time to share with us memories and moments we miss all night not being there. Susan is our day time weekend nurse. She also has a heart of gold and does a fabulous job taking care of them. There are so many others that we adore as well. Amanda usually has them if Annette doesn't. She is incredible as well. Dr. DiCarlo, Dr. Mena, and Dr. Strange are being used by God to carry out HIS miracles each day. We are deeply thankful to them for their knowledge, expertise, and loving patience with our babies.

Nurse Annette givng James big loves and hugs after she had to squirt sailine in his nose and pull out a really big booger!

Nurse Heather holding John David after his bottle feeding.

Boys! They are doing great. No major changes. Still on 21% oxygen, still eating 30cc, still cute as can be. I think they look like old grandpas or little miniature hound dogs. They both nursed really well today. It always makes me feel so much better when they nurse well. I guess I feel like it is my one "success" as their mom to help take care of them. It is hard to watch your babies being cared for day in and day out by nurses, and know that you are still somewhat helpless in taking care of them. I do cherish my two hours a day with them though.

James cuddled up in his bed after he and mommy had some one on one time. He nursed well today, took 30 cc!

John David passed out after he nursed for 20 min. He took 38 cc...he is the breastfeeding champ!

SO the day was good and bad all wrapped together. I am sure many of you can relate.
For those of you who have been through troublesome times or suffering to any degree, just as I have been, we are called to keep in mind that God has a plan for it all, God uses our sufferings to expand our perspective and turn our thoughts heavenward, to strengthen our FAITH in HIM. To strengthen our Trust in HIM as we hope for HIS promises of the future. Often it is when we have passed through our storm and cleared to the other side, that we can appreciate the perspective and growth that have come as a result of our suffering. I can most definitely look back on my suffering throughout my pregnancy with the boys and recognize that I needed that suffering to grow my Faith in a huge way!


I thank you all for remembering to pray for our miracle babies each day. I have an old college friend that I have mentioned previously, Brooke, and her husband Chris. They gave birth to identical twin boys Dec. 26th at 29 weeks. Their names are Adam and John. Adam weighed 1 lb 14oz and John weighed 3 lb. Brooke and Chris are praying Adam will successfully come off CPAP tomorrow. They would appreciate extra prayers for baby Adam as he is fighting so hard right now. Their story is on, if you'd like to see their story. It is really neat how similar our stories are.

Good Night!


Missy said...

I will definitely add your friends?NICU neighbors to my prayer list. Continuing to pray for you all too. Your boys have grown so much! And look at Miss Annette - I have not seen her in ages - she is the best nurse ever!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Oh Dana, my heart just breaks for your friend Katie! I can't imagine what she must be feeling. We will certainly keep her, Taylor and Maggie in our prayers. I'll bring something for her to your tea if you can get it to her.
Have a good night!