John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Day!

Here are my amazing friends who hosted the TEA for TWO Saturday morning. It was so awesome. We had ham and cheese pastries, pigs in a blanket, cinnamon rolls, sausage balls, fruit, muffins, cheese grits, cake, coffee and punch. These ladies worked so hard and I truly appreciate each of them so very much.

Here are the cakes. LOVED them...too cute!

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My Oak Mountain teaching buddies. They are so awesome to work with. I have definitely been blessed by them in many ways. During my hospital stay, they kept me and my family fed, me entertained in the hospital (which is hard to do!!), and have just been a huge support for us during this journey. There are also many more not pictured here that have helped in so many ways. I am so blessed to be a part of the Oak Mountain Family!

Here is a picture of Claire and Ellie posing with a very dear friend of mine I work with. Carla has been instrumental in our miracle babies' lives (just like so many others) because she has been praying for them since AUGUST! Jenna is not in the picture because at this particular moment she was lying in the floor pitching a fit for more cake!

Here are some more of my amazing friends. They have done some serious praying for our little guys. It will be wonderful to share with James and John David one day, all the people who prayed for them; talked to God each day... for THEM! Huge supporters for me and have blessed my life in so many ways.

Jenna loved the icing on the cake!

The boys' stroller. Thanks Dad and Rosie for buying the stroller for the boys. We will bring it out in June when we come to run the marathon! You guys can push the boys while Rob and I run the race...

The boys' pack and play. Thank you Tami and Linda, yall are so amazing and incredibly kind and generous for buying the boys their pack and play.

Here are the boys' car seats. Thanks Mamaw and Nana for getting the car seats for the boys. We are very appreciative for your gift.

More pictures of different gifts we received.

Diapers! I figured out that we will probably go through about 20 diapers per day (both boys combined) which is 140 a week, 560 a month, 6,720 a year.... so maybe 13,440 diapers by potty training time!

Rob and I visiting the boys. This was the first time Rob held both boys at the same time. Precious...Daddy with his boys!

John David playing after his feed. He was looking at the mobile Nurse Susie made for the boys yesterday.

James Daniel after his diaper change, getting ready to eat! This was at our 10:00 feed. He is such a night owl...wide awake at night!

Praying for my boys before I had to leave them to go home. I miss them so much each night I have to leave. I love to snuggle them together and feel them breathe. I love the smell of their hospital blankets (I know...crazy!), and I also love seeing them sleep with their mouths open..just like their mommy does!

We are hopeful that Tuesday will be "homecoming" for both boys. We will keep you posted tomorrow as far as their status coming home. If John David doesn't have any breathing spells, then I think we are good to go on both boys coming home together.

I thank you all so much for your prayers of health, and for the amazing baby shower. All of the gifts you guys bought us are appreciated so much. We didn't have anything for "boys" and now we have it all! My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy. I thank God for sending me such caring, supportive, generous friends to be a part of my life.

Love to all~


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Oh my GOODNESS Dana, I want to go to Michael's and buy canvas, brushes and oils and PAINT that picture of you praying with those little miracles! Beautiful!
I'm sorry I couldn't make the tea, I will be sure to see you the next time I'm at Katy's.
Kiss them from us~
♥ Elisabeth and Roy

Tricia said...

How exciting! Lots of big things going on... I hope they both get to come home this week!