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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You, Update and Happy Birthday!

I have been blessed beyond measure. God has given us a complete miracle in our baby boys and we are thankful beyond words. He has now provided for us yet again, financially, through many of you. When I entered the hospital at Thanksgiving, I didn't have one single day reserved for time off. I didn't have any sick days or personal days. Because so many people selflessly donated sick leave days to me, I was able to stay on payroll during December and will remain on payroll through the last week of February. My dear sweet friends, how can I ever thank you enough for what you have done for me. You have allowed me to be off of work with our miracle babies and be with them in the NICU each day. I am overwhelmed to say the least. Thank you so much Coach Goodwin, Kelly Cooper, Dr. LeQuier, Molly Darby, Pat Connor, Lea Smith, Kathy Sumrall, Michelle Tindal, Myra Watson, Jessie Creech, Nicole DePinto, Suzie Easterling, Meredith Meadows, Suzanne Russell, Holley OConnell, Dr. Maxwell, Lynn Fincher, Cindy Cruce, Connie Myers, Shane Stearns, Susan Hopton-Jones. You guys have been a blessing to my family. I will pray God bless you in return for your kindess and generosity.

If by any chance there is anyone out there affiliated with the Alabama Teacher's Sick Leave Bank and could possibly donate any number of days to me, I would gladly and graciously accept them. Please e-mail me at if you or someone you know could help me out.

Now, baby update! Both boys are doing just fine and dandy! They were both on a little less oxygen today, around 25%. When they get down to 21% (which is room air) they will hopefully be able to wean them from it quickly. I have heard from past NICU mommas that either you have the battle of feeding or breathing. In order to go home, baby must breathe without oxygen, have no episodes of heart rate decelerations, no apnea spells, eat 45cc in 30 minutes and poop regularly! We are getting closer to all of those possibilities each day. God has brought these little miracles so far in such a short amount of time. Happy 1 month Birthday today boys! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how far you have come in 28 days.

James had his renal ultrasound this morning that revealed fluid on his left kidney. When he was born, it was his right kidney. Dr. DiCarlo called a urologist in from Children's to check for kidney reflux. They performed a test with a catheter and special dye to check for reflux in the kidneys, and the test was negative. PRAISE GOD! Yet again, another positive report from the doctor. It just warms my soul to hear positive news from the doctors.

I nursed John David while James was gone for his test. After he gulped down 40cc in 20 min (way above where he should be right now) I was able to hold him and snuggle with him. It was purely amazing to hold him close to my chest and feel him breathe against me. I especially love to smell him, touch the side of his face and rub the top of his head.

Tonight at 8pm I went back to the hospital to nurse James since he was gone earlier today for his test. When I arrived at the NICU, the nurse had him ready to go. I washed up and made my way to his bed side. That little stinker was fussy and starting to cry, grabbing hold of his nasal cannula trying to suck it. Then as soon as I took him from the nurse, he started kicking his legs and arching his back fussing trying to suck his blanket. He was showing true signs of being was awesome! I have never been more happy to see a baby of mine fuss and cry to eat. Pure joy in my heart to nurse him tonight. He did really good. He took 30cc in about 25 min. He definitely takes his time but is persistent and steady, just doesn't get in a hurry like his little brother does. Thus far, I can only tell them apart by how they nurse from me and how much they weigh! One of Rob's co-workers told him today that we need to be looking for a birth mark or something that distinguishes them from each other. I agree totally! We had some film developed today and honestly we have a few pictures that we aren't sure who is who.

Please continue to pray for amazing strength for both boys, weight gain, strong lungs and less oxygen requirements. They should be doing an eye exam soon to check for damage to the eyes from prolonged oxygen use. SO we need to get them off that oxygen.

Thank you so very much for all who have prayed for us and our babies, helped us with meals, kids, etc. and the constant support and encouragement.

Good night!

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