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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Belive it or not...I am a ballpark momma!

So from my title you have to be wondering...ballpark momma???That is right, I am spending ALOT of time at the BALLPARK...Now for those of you who know me well, know that I am not one for red dirt, late nights, postponed and rearranged afternoon schedules...Claire is playing softball and it has totally disarrayed my "normal" scheduled life. I am learning to love the red dirt...UH!!! Here are some pics of the family this week as we were "ballparking"..

Of course another picture of the boys in the front seat of the car, as I had just finished nursing them before Claire's game.

Ellie and Jenna trying to be "mommy's helpers" with the boys. They were trying to shake the stroller to quieten the boys down. Of course I am shouting in the background, "take turns, be nice to each other, don't shake so hard"...and of course James was having a major meltdown. I was trying to round up markers and coloring books, baby dolls and sidewalk chalk. The game was about to start in a few minutes and Daddy wasn't there yet. The challenge is getting the FOUR kids under the age of FOUR to the field SAFELY. And then once I get there and think, take a breath and relax, Jenna starts whining, "Mommy I potty"...AWESOME! Let's go potty now, trekked all the way to the bathrooms, which woke the boys up and they started screaming (b/c 6pm is just NOT their happy time)then trekked all the way back to the field. I am purely exhausted and the game just started.

Claire was given the game ball. She had a couple good hits and had a great stop at second base and threw out Jay Barker's daughter at first base...and by the way, his daughter is incredible...she is a first grader playing with second and third grade girls.

The boys..hanging out in the stroller. They love the stroller when it is moving, they HATE the stroller when it stops, especially if it is breezy.

Claire playing catcher...funny stuff... she could hardly walk in all of her gear.

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