John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here are some pictures from this morning. The boys are most definitely the happiest in the mornings. I love my time with them so much. We snuggle and love every morning after their 8:00am feeding. It is my most favorite time of the day.

James Daniel with his big ole smile!

James laughing..all I said to him was, "Good morning precious boy!"

James Daniel sitting up against my pillow like a BIG BOY!

John David

John David waving at me....not really, but it does kind of look like it!

John David showing off his handsome little guy smile.

Don't they just look like they are going to be best buddies!


Missy said...

Aww! Love your photos! What handsome little men you have! I love their big grins! I can see them being the Best of Friends!

Mika said...

very precious, happy, healthy boys. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. They definitely encourage me. Like I said, until we reach that 23 week marker, when Layah passed, and really even until we reach pass the 26 week marker when Tobi came, there will be worry. It's worry with peace-if that makes any sense, but it will be in the back of our mind. I so appreciate you putting me on your prayer list. I am not yet savy with this blog thing. I havent figured out how to put a music list, so if you can help, that'd be great. When you said we've grown up together, it hit me, we really have known each other since kindergarten, havent we? Wow. memories of sleep overs at your house. Boy, how fast time goes. I know you kiss those sweet boys 1000+ times a day. We can never forget how much our children are here by a miracle, and He has a plan for them, "to grow in favor with God and favor with man". Yes, I can eat mexican, but you've got enough mouths to feed! How bout we just eat out! I would NOT want you trying to cook for us, with your busy days!